Sunday, October 7, 2018

Jorge Gomez's Revenge.

“You all wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?” “We're going to Chuck E. Cheese.” says widower Jorge (Jorge Gomez) as he drives his 3 sons in his red Camaro into the night. A group of  young ladies have just left the nightclub after dancing the night away to some catchy ass fuck banda songs and are driving their convertible recklessly. Next thing you know, Jorge gets into a terrible car accident because those girls almost ran into his car. The accident has killed Jorge’s sons and he is beyond devastated. He questions to God why this had to happen to him and he seems to be sorta losing it in the head considering his temper is so bad and he even kills a man after a night out drinking. When Jorge goes back to work, he just happens to come across a couple of the girls who were in the convertible the night of the accident. Jorge then stalks them, kills them and searches for the rest of the girls!

Bailando De Caballito (aka "Dancing The Little Horse") is one hell of a super low budget psycho thriller movie. Ah heck, it probably didn’t even cost a grand to make. It seems our director/producer/leading actor Jorge Gomez just picked up his camera, filmed around town at night & day, asked a few friends to be in it, made up a short but sweet story right away and boom! Bailando De Caballito was made. For the short effort made into this movie, it’s still pretty darn entertaining. We get a little fascinating tale about a man who loses it all and becomes crazy, some nice camera shots of LA in the 90’s, scenes of Bandas playing in nightclubs & some random outdoor event sponsored by Albertson’s and there is even an amazing as fuck scene shot inside a Mexican video store! And keep in mind, some of the girls in the movie are really attractive so seeing them inside looking at the tapes at the video store was exciting. It was like a piece of heaven fell on earth for a while there. Aw.

Being a psycho thriller & all, we see our pal Jorge Gomez stalking, stabbing and acting like a complete maniac. Cheap as hell, but entertaining still. I wished the movie was a lot longer than just an hour a few minutes (could be the copy I watched that was trimmed though). However, the hour wasn’t a bore or anything at least. We meet our characters, the conflict arises and the movie ends with some banda music playing as paramedics arrive at the scene of a random accident or death in the street. Jorge captured it all by chance. Wonderful.

Not sure if Bailando De Caballito ever got a DVD release or VHS release, but he did upload the movie in its entirety on his YouTube channel! Go watch and be amazed by this cheap little SOV psycho thriller. 5/10.