Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Sheriff's Strange Son.

During a Solar Eclipse, an ill pregnant woman gives birth to twin boys, but the twin boys are conjoined. The woman dies after the unusual birth. 7 years later, the twin boys Fred and Eric are kept away hidden from the town by their father, Sheriff Frederick Jackson (Eric Del Castillo).  After keeping them away for so long, Sheriff Jackson convinces the town doctor (Mario Almada) to separate them so they can all live a normal life. After the separation, Eric dies and an evil spirit soars into the cabin. There’s a feeling of guilt at first, but the Sheriff is hopeful for a normal life with his lone son Fred. Things seem to be going well, but things quickly get awful when it comes to light that the sheriff had Eric in secret and buried him after his untimely death. On the day of the sheriff’s execution, the spirit of Eric makes his way into town, causes a ruckus and kills his own father with his supernatural powers. It only gets more weird & creepy from then on!

El Extraño Hijo Del Sheriff (aka "The Sheriff's Strange Son") has a very soft spot in my heart because when I was a kid, this was a movie I would often see on tv during Halloween time and it was always very exciting to see it. I love the eerie tone the movie carries throughout the entire time. It remains serious as well. The movie came out in 1982 but it somehow looks & feels a lot older than that. I used to think it was a late 60’s or mid 70’s movie, but it isn’t of course. Eric Del Castillo, Mario Almada and Alfredo Gutierrez “El Turco” are the leading men of the movie and they’re all so great as usual. It’s great seeing these 3 legends together. Needing a pretty face in the movie, a very young Rosa Gloria Chagoyan stars as a social worker in the care of Fred. She too of course is great seeing as well. I also can’t leave out the fact that this was directed by the legendary Fernando Duran Rojas who has made so many great & favorite movies. It’s no wonder why I’ve had such an attachment to the movie rather than just childhood nostalgia. Practically everything Duran Rojas has done, I love it.

El Extraño Hijo Del Sheriff is a definite must watch if you’re looking for a Mexican horror movie. It’s got a great cast, a great story and directed by a legend. This is a memorable movie not to be missed or ignored whatsoever. It also makes a great double feature with El Pistolero Del Diablo. Horror Westerns Unite! 10/10.