Monday, August 27, 2018

Another Case of Rape.

After spending a casual evening with his family, Antonio (Miguel Angel Rodriguez) heads out to his night job and leaves his loving wife & daughter Martina alone at home. Next thing you know, a gang of vicious dudes break into the house and rape Antonio’s wife right in front of little Martina. After the horrible assault, she is brutally murdered. Antonio, not able to handle the death of his wife, sets the house on fire and takes off with Martina to the countryside. When they settle in their new home and open up an auto repair shop, Antonio decides to change Martina’s identity to a boy because he doesn’t want what happened to his wife happen to his only daughter. Martina is now being called "Martin", has cut her hair short and only dresses in men’s clothing. As time goes by (10 years later), Antonio trains “Martin” (Roxana Chavez) how to fight & kill just like he did in the military long, long ago. He trains “Martin” to kill so that he can seek revenge on all his wife’s vicious & sleazy ass killers.

Once in a while you’ll find a movie like Otro Caso De Violacion (aka "Another Case of Rape") and be quite surprised by it despite its very obvious flaws. Otro Caso De Violacion has an intriguing plot, a moody tone and of course it has intriguing characters. When I say moody tone it’s because the tone of the entire movie is always serious & intense. The movie never really gets humorous and remains serious. When something bad happens, you feel bad. When you feel there’s some sort of hope and perhaps even redemption for these characters, you feel it and hope it will turn out that way. Perhaps I took this movie too serious, but I tend to do that when a movie’s plot is actually good and Otro Caso De Violacion is one of these good movies I’m talking about for sure.

Now I can’t praise the entire movie 100% considering its flaws that are so obvious. For one, Roxana Chavez does not do any of her own fight scenes, it’s actually a body double and of course you can tell it is a male body double. Very obvious, too. Some of the fight scenes were good, some were also really corny and exaggerated (of course). In the middle of the movie, Martina gets involved with a guy (Leonardo Daniel) and its rushed so fast. At first, the guy has no idea “Martin” is really a woman, but once it is revealed via a wet t-shirt, they immediately make out and fall in love. Perhaps this guy was just generally attracted to Martina as a boy? Who knows. It was just bizarre how this romance blossomed so fast after some breasts are seen!

I really enjoyed Otro Caso De Violacion. It is entertaining from start to finish and doesn’t drag on at all. It goes from point A to point B and then ends with point C. Just like that. If you like war vets gone mad and women dressing up as men and fighting & killing for revenge, then this a must watch for you. As a fan of Miguel Ángel Rodriguez, I can say for sure this one is a must watch of his. 8/10.