Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pissed Off Señoritas Out For Revenge.

The señoritas in Las Zorras (aka "The Foxes") are pissed off. If they're not getting fired from their jobs because they wouldn't bang the boss, then they are getting groped & beaten by their stepfather, or 'sold' to a sleazy poker winner. If not getting unfairly fired, groped or sold; then they end up in jail and get brutally mistreated  in there. Once they're out of the big house, these hapless women join forces to get even with people (mostly men) that have given them misery. They're gonna shoot and even stab crotches just to get revenge and even some money while their at it.

This Mexican SOV obscurity from unknown director Antonio Lopez Cardoza is quite sleazy. The movie deals with controversial topics such as miscarriages, rape, & domestic abuse. With controversial subjects, comes violence. Loads of it. Well, ' loads of it' sounds exaggerated actually, but Las Zorras does deliver plenty of cheesy beatings, corny shootings & crotch stabbings (ouch).  Not only are Las Zorras pissed off & deadly, they are also gorgeous! Like wow! Edna Bolkan is definitely the prettiest of the group. Her hazel cat eyes are hypnotizing and that big hair of hers is so sensual. Socorro Albarran is the 2nd prettiest Zorra. Her big hair is also sensual and her sweet-looking innocent face is to die for (!)Rosita Bouchot, whom wears colorful wings through out the entire movie; is gorgeous as well.

Las Zorras may have plenty of eye candy and action, but it does go by real slow. The movie isn't even long, but it does drags on in certain scenes. I guess I expected the movie to be more action oriented than drama wise. Either way, I had some fun with Las Zorras. Even if it was to just lust on Bolkan, Abarran, and Bouchot (OH!).

 Like many SOV flicks, Las Zorras is pretty hard to find. No DVD exists (obviously) and the original American Cine Video VHS is obscure as hell and not easy to come by. Las Zorras does however pop up in a bizarre collection of 4-hour VHS tapes. Those tapes are pretty easy to find. Sometimes even in brand new condition.

So go on, find any kind of copy of Las Zorras and enjoy watching those beautiful but pissed off señoritas stabbing crotches.