Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh, Chano.

You know what movie is great? Lucas (1986). Lucas is one of those movies that is truly inspiring and heartwarming because it proves anybody can accomplish something good. This is pretty much what Chano is all about. Trying & accomplishing in the end.

Meet Chano (Agustin Bernal). He's a bulky mentally-challenged man that lives in poverty with his mother. While looking through garbage for goods, Chano finds a wrinkled up pin-up of Paty Muñoz (it's even autographed!). Chano falls instantly in love with Paty. He wants her bad. His mom however tells him she's not the kind of girl for him, but he differs by mumbling & crying. It just so happens that Paty lives in the same city as Chano and she is having a dilemma with her ex-husband (Luis Gatica) whom just happens to be a crime boss. When the ex-husband kidnaps Paty's son, Paty seeks out help in getting her son back safely. By various strange occurrences, Paty ends up teaming with Chano to rescue her son. Chano will do anything for the woman he loves. Even if it means risking his life by gunning down a bunch of armed guards.

Like Lucas, Chano is inspiring and heartwarming because it proves anyone despite their flaws, can accomplish something good. Take Lucas for example. He wanted to impress his crush Maggie by joining the football team because Maggie has a jock boyfriend. Lucas thinking he can just be as good as the boyfriend, tries to play football, but ends up injured badly. After recovering and having a deep talk, Maggie and Lucas end up just being friends, but they truly respect one another. No more Lucas feeling heartbroken and alone. Then at school, Lucas gains respect from his fellow peers. He even gets his own football jersey as a token of respect by the football team. Lucas is no longer an outcast at school. He's just as good as anyone after all. Amazing.

Now in Chano, he is told he can't be with someone like Paty because she is not the kind of girl for him. He's mentally-challenged and poor. Why would Paty go for that? Well, Chano proves everyone wrong by befriending Paty and helping her save her son from the clutches of the evil ex-husband. Chano goes all out into saving this young boy & his mother by firing uzis at ninja-looking guards and leading them both safely out of the ex-husband's heavily guarded mansion. Before the end credits roll, Chano smiles in joy because he for once accomplished something in life. He gained the respect of the woman he loves, befriended the little boy, and overall he saved innocent lives. Amazing.

Chano is a great movie that your entire family will enjoy. Mom, you, and your little siblings will adore Chano as much as you all adore Lucas. Dad will most likely just adore fine-ass Paty Muñoz. The action scenes too of course. Dad sure loves his action as much as Paty Muñoz's gorgeous body. And let me tell ya, her body is a work of art. It's quite fascinating to look at.

Agustin Bernal's portrayal of Chano is excellent. Who knew Agustin Bernal could foam from the mouth so perfectly and mumble without sounding obviously fake. He also directed the movie, so that just proves how amazing Agustin truly is. He can act and he can direct an inspiring movie. May God bless Agustin Bernal.

Watch Chano. Please. 6/10.