Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jorge Reynoso is the Boss of Bosses.

In the mid 90's there was a drug trafficker from Mexico who was fascinating as Hell since he became boss of the Juarez Cartel after killing the former leader in cold blood. This drug trafficker was named Amado Carrillo Fuentes aka "El Señor De Los Cielos" (The Lord of the Skies).  He was called El Señor De Los Cielos for his use of airplanes to transport huge amounts of drugs into the USA. Particularly cocaine. Eventually, Amado fell down from his powerful rein after going through plastic surgery to change his appearance. The surgery went bad and he died immediately. Or so they say. For the longest time, the death of Amado has been questioned since some believe he never did die. He perhaps staged the death and did actually change is appearance.

The following year after Amado's bizarre death; There were quite a lot of movies & songs made about him. Just recently, Telemundo started to air a telenovela based on Amado. Back in 1998 (a year after Amado died), a movie called Capo De Capos made its way into Video stores all over Mexico and the USA. Capo De Capos is of course based on Amado, but obviously names were changed and faces as well (no pun intended).

Jorge Reynoso stars in Capo De Capos as El Señor De Los Aires (a different way to say "The Lord of Skies"). El Señor De Los Aires has just taken over the Juarez Cartel after eliminating the 3 bosses that have betrayed him. El Señor De Los Aires sets out to be the biggest and most powerful drug trafficker in all of Mexico and perhaps even the whole world. As his power rises, the cops search high & low for him. When the heat gets too hot for El Señor De Los Aires, he decides to change his identity by getting plastic surgery. The surgery apparently goes wrong and he dies.. Or say they say....

For a movie from the late 90's, Capo De Capos delivers some pretty good stuff. Good stuff as in plenty of gun-firing & fist-fighting action. Surprisingly a well written plot as well. Jorge Reynoso is also at his best in this movie playing such a badass boss and its always a pleasure seeing play a boss of some sort. The movie does get a tad slow and cheesy after a little while, but I prefer this movie over any other wannabe El Señor De Los Cielos screen portrayal. Don't get me started on that Telemundo telenovela.. *pukes*

Capo De Capos definitely delivers plenty of cool crime/action fun. Get at it sometime, yes? 5/10.