Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Silent Death.

In Silencio De Muerte, a silent death is the scariest of all deaths. Imagine not hearing anything and not being heard when dying. That is truly frighting. TRULY FRIGHTING!

A group of actors are struggling to make ends meet in the stage plays they star in. They can't get any work anywhere else either. They realize they are no longer in their 20's, where it was much easier being an actor then. Realizing that they are getting older and know nothing else other than acting; one of the actors hatches an idea of getting a hold of a lot of cash in order to move forward with their lives. The idea is sadly a dirty idea. A dirty, fucked up idea. Sergio (Miguel Angel Rodriguez), along with his fellow actor friends; are gonna rob Teresa, the stage-play theater's cashier, whom holds on to the theater money at her house. Sergio charms Teresa and goes out with her as a way to know what she does, where she goes, and importantly where she lives. The day of the robbing, it goes horribly wrong since Teresa recognizes Sergio. Sergio then stabs Teresa to death, and some of the theater money is taken (not the full amount as they hoped). The robbery didn't go as planned, but they got some money, and that makes Sergio & his friends happy.

After the robbery, strange things start to happen to Sergio & his friends. First they seem to be in complete silent and non-existent whenever they are individually alone. Then they also catch glimpses of a ghostly Teresa. Clearly, Teresa's spirit is haunting them from beyond the grave. Teresa is out for revenge and is going to kill Sergio and all those that have caused her untimely death. They will all suffer a silent death.

Silencio De Muerte is quite the fascinating 90's Mexican horror movie. I actually blind bought this movie back in 2011 at the local video store I frequent. I absolutely had no idea it was a horror movie considering the VHS cover was action-looking and the description in the back didn't mention anything about ghosts or a haunting. Just dramatics and thrills. It was not until January of this year that I finally got around to watching it. I must say, I couldn't believe I shelved this great horror movie for such a long time!

Even though Silencio De Muerte was made with such a small budget; it still turned out to be a pretty good horror movie that actually has some scares. The scenes with ghostly Teresa honestly creeped me out and the loud evil synth music that plays along in these scenes makes it even more creepy.

Now what's fascinating about Silencio De Muerte is that it was written by legendary Mexican Horror filmmaker Carlos Enrique Taboada. It's actually a little surprising that he wrote this movie since this differs from his other movies that he has written & directed. All his movies tended to revolve around mostly females. And while this movie does focus on a woman haunting her killers; she's not really the main character of the movie. Main character is actually Miguel Angel Rodriguez's character Sergio. He was the primary focus of the movie along with Leonardo Daniel's character. Different kind of Taboada story for sure; but it still has that familiar ghost angle going on.

Silencio De Muerte is a 90's Mexican horror movie that needs to be looked into by all you Mexican Horror enthusiasts and Carlos Enrique Taboada fans. This one will entertain you and perhaps even scare you. Check it out sometime. 8/10.