Monday, April 1, 2013

The Watch of Death.

To think, the last weirdest movie I've watched was Matanza En Las Vegas since its so mysterious and has an odd set of characters. Now though, there is a movie that is waaaayyyy weirder than Matanza. When I say waaaayyyy weirder, I mean it. I definitely fucking mean it.

Meet El Reloj De La Muerte (aka "The Watch of Death"). Directed by Xorge Noble and shot on video, El Reloj is definitely the weirdest movie I've watched yet. The entire movie is a 1 hour & 40 minute Schizophrenic experience. The entire movie is just unbelievably insane and weird! What were the filmmakers thinking (and sniffing) while making this movie!!!???

In Reloj De La Muerte, we meet a man named Alberto (Rodolfo Infante) who drinks a lot, has flings with all kinds of chicks (from work & outside of work!), loves to blow all of his hard earned money on gambling, and at home he yells at his attractive wife and chubby/good hearted son. One day after visiting fucked up dad at work; chubby son sees a mysterious-looking man in all black holding a 'precious watch' (plastic $5 dollar watch). The mysterious-looking man looks directly at the boy and then throws the watch in the middle of the street so that he can take it. Chubby boy then runs to the street and takes the watch, then not even a minute later he's run over by a speeding car. Fucked up, isn't it?

After the death of his son, Alberto feels awful about his own self and expects more terrible things to happen to him. Sure enough, a lot of bad things actually do happen to him.. Bad & weird things to be exact. All these things happen to Alberto because of that watch his late son acquired. Now exactly what kind of bad stuff is happening to Alberto? Well first of all, he starts to see bloody dead bodies in his bathroom, his employees turn into hungry zombies, and he's almost killed by Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin (seriously).

What's funny about Reloj De La Muerte is that despite all this ridiculously weird shit going on; it actually tries to be serious at times. After a drunken night, our main character Alberto walks into an alley and meets up with drug addicts. He lectures the addicts about the dangers of drugs, tells them they should do something meaningful in their life instead, and to make up with anyone that they have betrayed. One of the drug users then stands up, says Alberto is right, and that he will get off drugs so that he can go take care of his jefecita (mom). He even thanks Alberto for the lecture he gave. So preachy & serious, huh? Another 'serious' moment is when Alberto runs through an East LA neighborhood burning to 'death'. After running around on fire, he ends up going back home fine and discovers that his wife was visited by an angel. They both then pray to Jesus Christ and start to feel better about themselves. I pretty much lost it there because I felt the movie was slowly turning Christian or somethin'. Now that I think about it, it's like almost every Xorge Noble movie I've watched has some sort of moral lesson to it. Was this intended or no?????

El Reloj De La Muerte is definitely worth looking into because like I said before, it is a 1 hour & 40 minute Schizophrenic experience. This is an experience that is surely to be enjoyed by everyone that's into weird & trippy shit. Now do not let the lack of English make you turn away from the movie. Just enjoy what you see on your tv screen and don't even worry about what they're saying in Spanish. Also, don't acquire watches from the streets because they might kill you. SERIOUSLY. DON'T TAKE WATCHES FROM THE STREETS. DON'T. 9/10.


If you're in love with the Terminator theme song then you're gonna enjoy El Reloj De La Muerte since that theme song plays over & over through out the whole movie. SERIOUSLY.


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