Saturday, April 20, 2013

All Hail Lalo & Pepe.

Meet professional hitmen duo Lalo (Noe Murayama) and Pepe (Jorge Luke). Lalo and Pepe aren't these hitmen's real names which is why they often confuse themselves and others when it comes to calling them by these names. Either way though, these guys are professional hitmen and have recently gotten a $50,000 (USD) job on kidnapping and assassinating a woman named Carolina (Mara Ybarra). The man that put the hit out on Carolina is big time mob boss Arizpe (Eduardo Lopez Rojas). Carolina once was Arizpe's assistant, but she recently betrayed him, and now she must pay for the betrayal with her life. And so, Lalo and Pepe snatch Carolina off her car and take her to an abandoned warehouse where they plan on torturing & kill her. However though, they get unexpected visitors... These unexpected visitors are pale-faced assassins that Arizpe has hired to kill Carolina, Lalo, and Pepe! Now Lalo and Pepe must face off with these pale-faced fucks and possibly help out Carolina as well.

45 Expansiva (aka "Candidato a Morir" aka "Candidate to Die") is yet again another enjoyable movie directed by Christian Gonzalez. I haven't had so much fun with a movie of his since Cumbia Asesina and Mujeres De Media Noche. All the characters in this movie are so likable and so quirky! Especially Lalo and Pepe. Lalo and Pepe are literally the funniest/most badass duo ever. I savored every time these two were together talking bad English and cursing in Spanish. Luke and Murayama really had great chemistry together. Why wasn't there another movie with Lalo and Pepe!??!?!

As quirky & hilarious 45 Expansiva is, it's also quite badass (of course!). Lalo and Pepe get serious when it comes to fighting the pale-faced assassins. Lalo and Pepe pull out their handguns and start shooting all over the warehouse and even pluck out some eye balls. "Eye! Eye! Eye! Eyeyeyeyeye!!" Pepe shouts as Lalo plucks the assassin's eyeballs out with a knife. Hilariously morbid, yes?

As hilarious & badass 45 Expansiva is, its also very sadistic and nasty. Pepe ends up falling for Carolina (a little bit), thus ends up fucking her really hard from behind (with her consent). When Carolina is nabbed by a pale-faced assassin, her tits are electrocuted and a gun's barrel is stuck up her vagina (without her consent). Knives are laid out on her torso as well. Appealing in a sadistic way, yes?

I honestly enjoyed 45 Expansiva. It's hilarious, badass, sadistic, and so-so nasty. The late Jorge Luke and late Noe Murayama play the coolest duo ever and I long to see another movie with these two starring together. I also long to see more epic Christian Gonzalez movies like this one.

All Hail Lalo & Pepe. 8/10.

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