Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Powerful & Deadly Virus Outbreak.

It all started because of horny military school students. Irresponsibility of scientists as well.

In what appears to be Mexico in the near future, we meet Military school sweethearts, Rosy (Yirah Aparicio) and Rul. Rosy and Rul are walking to class with their fellow students, but then they end up breaking away and go to a laboratory to have sex. I guess waiting til after class & going to a motel wasn't an option for these two. The horny students then enter the lab and proceed to make make out and then Rul sits Rosy on a desk where a strange fluid in a beaker accidentally breaks because of Rosy's big (but amazing) ass sits on the desk. Rosy worries a little about the beaker breaking and the fact that she touched some of the fluid coming out of it; but Rul tells her its probably nothing and from there they fuck each other's brains out. Stupid ass Rul didn't know what the fuck he was talking about considering the fluid in the beaker was actually a virus that is deadly & contagious! When the scientists of the military school find the beaker broken, they get everyone on the campus to leave immediately because that broken ass beaker just might have caused some serious stuff to go down!

About a day later or so, everyone is back on the campus and is being tested since the scientists & Government (uh-oh!) want to know for sure who could have this unnamed deadly & contagious virus that was inside that beaker. Eventually, they find out Rosy and Rul have the virus (and only them!). Rul then goes on the run, but 3 years later he is found by the Government and ends up dying since there is no cure for the virus. Rosy worried & all, goes on the run herself since the Government is also searching for her. Rosy hitchhikes her way out of town, then ends up running into some sleazy biker punks that gang rape her and let her stay with them since she has nowhere else to go. When the bikers get sick because of screwing a diseased Rosy; the biker chicks & Rosy herself decide to leave the guys to die and make it on their own by becoming prostitutes. This of course leads to the virus spreading more than ever since Rosy & biker chicks go around sleeping with each other and stupid dudes.

This virus is spreading is like HIV/AIDS! Maybe it is HIV/AIDS! MAYBE!

Shot on video with an obvious small budget by Xorge Noble;  El Virus Del Poder (aka "Powerful Virus") is quite the interesting virus outbreak thriller since the movie maintains to be serious through out the whole time despite their having an insane murder/sex spree going on. Now what's more interesting is the fact that the movie is supposed to be set in the future. Clearly the movie looks very 1988, but we are lead to believe this is not the present time, but the future! Mexico's flag is no longer Green, White, & Red and has the Eagle holding the snake with its beak; It is now just some dull looking white flag with red stars on it. Also, all Mexican schools are military style. They got to prepare their people for the war! What war? I don't know!

If you're into SOV flicks, sleazy punks, virus outbreaks, and sexy (& thick) chicks; then El Virus Del Poder is a must watch for you! You'll love it. However, El Virus Del Poder is quite the hidden gem! Looking for it will be a hard task, but so fucking worth it.