Monday, October 22, 2012

The Traces of a Murderer.

After police chief Falcon (Mario Almada) has gunned down the serial killer he's been searching for, he then takes a vagrant named Elias back home so he can help him out by feeding him and giving him some work to do around his house. It is the least he could do since Elias 'did help' him get the killer. However, Elias isn't exactly a vagrant... Elias is really the killer Falcon has been looking for! Elias just switched clothes with the vagrant and made him look like he was the killer! (oh my!) Poor, poor real vagrant! So now, Elias is in the home of Falcon, perving on his attractive daughter (Holda Ramirez), going crazier, and uhhh... Going crazier(er). As this happens, Falcon is out shooting down dope dealers and their guards! WOWZA!

Like 38 Especial, La Huella De Un Asesino (aka "The Traces of a Murderer") is a slasher & action movie! A pretty darn good one, too. Although, it does get pretty slow at times and I did wonder why Elias was psychopathic. Does he hate women because one broke his heart? Mommy issues? Hmmm... The action scenes are of course very cool since it has all the typical stuff Miguel Marte always has in his movies (lots of shooting, explosions, mucho blood splatterin', etc.).

I dig La Huella De Un Asesino but not as much as 38 Especial. Still, it is worth checking out if you ever come across a copy. You will most likely find this Miguel Marte insanity at a 5 dollar DVD Walmart bin. 6/10.