Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 Nuns In Danger!

In 2 Monjitas En Peligro (aka "2 Nuns In Danger"), A powerful/grouchy drug kingpin blackmails a couple of sisters (Edna Bolkan & Maribel Palmer) into smuggling cocaine for him. So then, the sisters dress up as nuns, acquire badass rifles, and hide the cocaine inside dry milk containers. As they drive down to deliver the cocaine at some abandoned mansion, they encounter corrupt federales and find out their father's assassin was none other than that powerful/grouchy drug kingpin!

Last time I encountered drug trafficking nuns, it was... well... Alright I guess. Not fantastic as expected though. Now when I checked out 2 Monjitas En Peligro, I finally got what I expected in a drug trafficking nun movie! Nuns with big guns, plenty of guns shooting, cocaine in coconuts & dry milk containers, and Hugo Stiglitz chain smoking cigars & surrounded by attractive women. Fantastic stuff! I totally dig it.

It's crazy how last year I could barely acquire a copy of this movie. The DVD appeared to be OOP and so that's why I settled with a somewhat pricey VHS copy. Now it appears that Amazon has plenty of DVD copies for sale! Oh how times have changed!

So if you're in the mood for some real Mexican drug trafficking nun action & Hugo Stiglitz chain smoking action, then get yourself a copy of 2 Monjitas En Peligro. It is a pretty darn fun movie. You won't get bored with it nor get annoyed with it. Check it out! 7/10.