Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Blood Pact with an evil fighting rooster.

A farmer named Victor (Julio Aldama) and his wife (Socorro Albarran) are struggling big time. They are on the verge of losing their ranch and are literally starving. Victor, desperate & all—goes out to his godfather's ranch to ask him for help (borrow money, work, etc.). At first, the godfather (played by Eric Del Castillo) refuses to help Victor, but he then realizes he could use Victor for something—something very sinister. You see, Don Rafael (Victor's godfather) made a Pacto Sangriento (aka "Blood Pact") with a local warlock long ago and pretty soon the pact is going to end which means Don Rafael's soul will now belong to Satan.

Don Rafael not wanting to die since he's got it made (banging a young blonde, is wealthy, etc.)decides to use Victor as his replacement in the blood pact. So then, he gets Victor to fight his prized & evil rooster, which is part of the blood pact. In the blood pact, the evil rooster must win 7 selected fights and in the last one (the 8th), it will die along with its owner (which of course is now Victor). As the evil rooster wins the cockfights—it makes Victor popular & rich in the local cockfighting scene, but the cockfights are also getting him closer to death! This evil rooster is not only slowing killing Victor, but it's also killing anyone that fucks with it! Literally!

I had a pretty hard time getting through Pacto Sangriento at first because the VHS copy I have was a wreck! When I first put it on the VCR, the picture was wobbly, sound was fucked up, eventually the VCR rejected the tape. Turns out a small part inside the tape was causing these issues to happen. Eventually, I got around to fixing it and converted the tape unto a DVD-R so that way I won't have to deal with that fucked up/cursed tape ever again!

Anyways, since the movie is called Pacto Sangriento, there is plenty of bloody kills & plenty of supernatural shit going on! The most memorable bloody scene of the movie is when the evil rooster forces Roberto Cañedo's character to shoot himself in the mouth. Once that old dude shoots himself in the mouth, a bunch of blood splatters out of him (of course). Now isn't that some fucked up shit? Another memorable bloody scene is when the evil rooster kills an annoying guy by literally pecking him to death. This pecking death leaves a bloody mess of course. The warlock in the movie is so grand to see since he overly laughs at everything and is an all-around creepy ass man. I’m also fond of his home, which is a giant cave with many candles all around. And that blood pact? So weird. Who knew rooster fights were also dabbled in black magic, but oh how interesting it was to see, despite its weirdness. 

Pacto Sangriento may be intriguing, but it is poorly made. The sound is fucked up at times (and here I am thinking it was the fucked up/cursed tape's fault!), the acting is not so great at times, and let's not forget the horrid singing of the hot blonde they call Susana. Luckily, the actress playing Susana (Nora Parra), isn't actually singing the song "Me Engañaste Con Tu Mujer", but either way, the song is still really awful. The lyrics appear to be written by a 12 year old child, the keyboard in the song sounds super crappy, and the vocals are ugly as sin. Not cute at all. Not sexy at all. That was clearly the intention though.

Overall, I really dig Pacto Sangriento. It's a bloody fun mess. It’s also a real hidden gem, so don't expect to see it on DVD or find a VHS copy so easily. You're gonna have to look high & low for it, get your hands dirty, & pray every night that you will find it somewhere. That's what I did. Sorta. Actually no, I just found it by accident. Cool, huh? Seek a warlock in a cave for extra help tracking a copy. Don’t ask me.