Friday, September 7, 2012

Ernesto Gomez Cruz is saving all his love for the Mafia in Jalisco.

In Mafia En Jalisco, a Guadalajara, Jalisco mob boss (Ernesto Gomez Cruz) loses a card game to an honest businessman named Don Mario. Losing the card game upsets the mob boss big time, so then he sends out his best men to assassinate Don Mario and get the winning money back. Talk about a lousy loser, huh?

When the son of Don Mario (Eric Del Castillo) hears about the brutal murder of his father, he flies out to Jalisco to bury his father and to capture the brutal mob boss with the help of his fellow DEA agents, DEA agent girlfriend, Mexican Federales, and his pissed off unibrow'd brother.

When I bought Mafia En Jalisco a few months back, I honestly thought this was going to be a not so great movie, but to my surprise it turned out to be a pretty entertaining action/crime flick! There's plenty of violent shootings, violent beatings, and there's even a really hot stripper chick in the movie! Seriously guys, this stripper chick is really fucking hot. You know what else is great about her other than the fact that she is really fucking hot? Well my friends, the stripper chick can actually lip sync a Whitney Houston song perfectly! Oh man, I love the scene where she lips snycs Saving All My Love For You! Seriously, it's such a great scene! The scene starts off with the mob boss sitting on his chair looking frustrated, then we get a glimpse of his casino where people are smiling, gambling, and just plain having fun! All that happens while the stripper 'sings' Saving All My Love For You! Isn't that great? Ahh man, It's soooo great. Too great actually.

Ernesto Gomez Cruz playing a grouchy Mexican mob boss + Violent Shootings + A hot stripper lip syncing Saving All my Love For You = Entertaining As Fuck Movie! Ya'll need to see Mafia En Jalisco sometime. 6/10.