Thursday, July 13, 2023

Trash-Mex Screening of Vacaciones De Terror 1 & 2 at Gardena Cinema on Friday August 11th!

Trash-Mex is back for the summer with 2 Mexican horror epics exclusively screening at Gardena Cinema on Friday, August 11th! Doors Open at 7pm & screenings begin at 8pm. One Night Only! 

Both films will be presented in their original Spanish-language audio with English subtitles.

Tickets can be purchased on the following link:

Join us to see: 

Vacaciones De Terror (1989)

What was to be a pleasant time at a summer home becomes a horrific nightmare! 

 Fernando, his wife, his 3 small children and his niece Paulina encounter true horror from a witch-possessed doll! Perhaps Paulina’s boyfriend Julio (played by Pedro Fernandez) can save them all with a magical amulet he has acquired.

From late director Rene Cardona III, this 80’s Mexican horror cult classic is not to be missed! 

PLUS: Vacaciones De Terror actors Carlos East Jr & Ernesto East will be making a special in-person appearance at the screening & with a Q&A to follow.

Vacaciones De Terror II: Cumpleaños Diabolico (1991)

Julio (Pedro Fernandez) encounters the witch-possessed doll once again and this time around it’s at a movie studio! Can Julio save his new friend Mayra & her little sister from this horrifying & demonic encounter? 

This wild sequel from director Pedro Galindo III is surely to blow your mind away and melt your eyeballs out from all the splatter & monster madness! You won’t see anything like this anywhere else!