Thursday, July 27, 2023

Slave of her Desire.

 After a big robbery goes awry & a woman is killed, sleazy criminal Bronco hides out in a secluded Acapulco home with a gorgeous woman named Perla. Bronco hides out there hoping that Perla’s brother-in-law Aurelio comes through with their stolen cash, but he has not come at all and instead 2 men that Bronco works with—"Ramon" & "Lucho"—come to the home. Bronco shoots Lucho dead and finds out that he & Ramon were called to the home by someone claiming to be Bronco. Regardless of the peculiar call—Bronco takes in Ramon to assist him and it just turns out that Perla knows Ramon from long ago and Ramon surely wants his way with Perla all over again. Bronco’s other acquaintances "Frankie" & "Ramiro" come to the Acapulco home claiming they were called up by Bronco, which again causes more confusion by all. Then a man named "Manuel" washes up from the beach claiming he killed a man and is need to hideaway for a while. Bronco takes him in as well, but grows suspicious of everyone coming to the house all at once. As all the men hide out in the home, they all just hang around drinking & smoking and of course lust after Perla. Then suddenly someone starts to kill off the men and it’s fairly obvious to say that they were summoned to this home to be killed, but by who though? And why?

Named after the Marco Antonio Muñiz song"Esclavo"Esclava Del Deseo (roughly translated as “Slave Of Her Desire” & alternatively titled “Lujuria De Marihuana”) is basically a men’s pulp fiction novel come to life. The entire plot is basically taken out of the pages of these kinds of novels since it features brute criminal elements, violence all around & a sole female character that is heavily lusted after. The sole female character in Esclava Del Deseo is played by blonde bombshell Libertad Leblanc and she definitely is eye-catching and even more so when she’s nude. The most memorable nude scene of the movie is of her bathing outside & another is a dream/drug scene where she’s in bed and caressed all over by one of Bronco’s men. He then proceeds to burn her breasts with his marijuana cigarette (yikes).

While Esclava Del Deseo has plenty of entertainment value consisting of intense violent scenes & female nudity, the movie does however feel cluttered with its several "twists" and Bronco’s constant nagging about everything around him gets fairly annoying to see. As annoying as he was though, Wolf Ruvinskis played the character of Bronco fairly well. The same can be said about the entire cast and especially Carlos East as Ramiro since he is pretty much the only guy that’s actually likable. Very devious looking—but so cool looking, too.  

This men's pulp fiction novel come to life is worthy of a view if found. It's entertaining all the way through despite its clutter and of course you must see it for Libertad Leblanc as well. After all, she's the eye-candy of it all here. The voluptuous blonde eye candy that no man can resist. Seriously.