Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloody machete fights galore!

Deep in the sugarcane fields of Mexico, a man named Epifanio (Agustin Bernal) finds his wife Mayra screwing around with another man. Epifanio, with his mighty machete—kills the man and ties Mayra up so he can also kill her. After telling Epifanio "he has no balls", Mayra is instantly killed with the machete! When Epifanio's wife Mayra said 'he had no balls', she meant it. You see, Epifanio literally has no balls because a while back, an enemy cut them off with a machete, but even though Epifanio has no balls, he's still got his machete at his side and that sharp weapon alone makes him feel like a man still. A powerful man to be exact. After killing his wife, Epifanio runs off from the small town he lives in and heads out by foot to the big city. Along the way, the brothers of the man Epifanio killed search high & low for him to get their revenge. 

When Epifanio arrives in the city, he gets into a machete fight with local authorities and gets a helping hand from a drug dealer named Luis (Luis Michel). After successfully killing the cops, Epifanio and Luis drink dozens of bottles of tequila & become close friends instantly. The two men then get into more bloody machete fights together and drink even more bottles of tequila.

Con El Poder En Las Manos (aka "With Power in the Hands") is an amazing movie. It starts off bloody, gets more bloody & then it ends with more bloodshed all around. The bloody violence in the movie is what makes it so damn amazing. Now keep in mind, the only weapons ever used in the movie are sharp machetes and muscular fists. No guns whatsoever! What I find very interesting about Con El Poder En Las Manos is that Agustin Bernal did a lot of work in the movie. He starred in it, he choreographed the action scenes, he wrote & produced it and he even directed it. Agustin obviously put a lot of effort in the movie and it definitely shows. Agustin made a very unique & great action movie.

I can't think of anything bad to say about Con El Poder En Las Manos because it is just too awesome to bring down in some way. Agustin Bernal made one hell of an amazing movie for sure.