Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sadistic Love.

Hector (Guillermo Quintanilla) and Elizabeth (Rocio Visseti) have just gotten married. They're on their honeymoon now and that means they're gonna make passionate love together. When the loving begins, Hector finds out that Elizabeth is not a virgin. He's pissed off because she lied to him saying she was. Instead of reasoning with her; Hector beats her to a damn right bloody pulp. As the weeks go by, the marriage is shit because Hector is physically & verbally abusing Elizabeth every day and he's also cheating on her with prostitutes. Hector also abuses the prostitutes. He beats one up, then burns her vagina with a lighter. Pretty sadistic, huh? Hector then tries to get Elizabeth to "prove" her devotion to him by setting up a threesome with a prostitute. That of course doesn't go well and Elizabeth is beaten up when she doesn't cooperate. Elizabeth then leaves the unhappy & horrific home she has shared with her brutal husband and stays with an old loving boyfriend (El Puma De Sinaloa). When Hector finds out of this, he comes out of hiding to kill the boyfriend and perhaps even Elizabeth as well.

Despite the cheap punching sound effects going along the brutal scenes of abuse & torture; Sadico Amor (aka "Sadistic Love") is kind of a brutal watch. Guillermo Quintanilla plays the role of Hector very well since he's has a villainous personality & all. His facial expressions of rage & agony are pretty damn great I must say. Rocio Visseti plays the victim of abuse Elizabeth and she plays her role pretty darn good since she appears so helpless & sad. Jorge Reynoso play Hector's friend & cop partner who tries to make sense of Hector and tries to help Elizabeth as well.

Sadico Amor is an intriguing & down right brutal little movie. I feel the movie was made as a way to bring the topic of domestic violence & abuse to light (in those times at least); but it's more than likely just a videohome made for brutal entertainment and using this hard topic to tell a different kind of story. Interesting nonetheless. Director Jorge Araujo made a solid movie here. It's a must see for sure and to make it more interesting, watch it along with another Araujo movie entitled Fotografiando A La Muerte which also features a violent & crazy Guillermo Quintanilla character. 7/10.