Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Juan Camaney dilemma.

In the opening credits of Picoso Pero Sabroso (Angustias De Un Millonario), we get shots of radios & firearms displayed on a shelf ready for use, we also see a variety of crime photos on the walls & then theres a table full of plush dolls: one being a duckling, a piglet, a hippo, a My Pet Monster doll with “Chrly” embroidered in its chest and the person sitting on this unusual desk full of dolls is a police inspector played by Oscar Fentanes who’s holding cult icon “Rubio”: a Garfield plush.

We then see our main character Juan Camaney (Luis De Alba) and a friend of his hanging out with attractive French girls in a wax museum acting like big fools & pretending they know how to speak French. After getting dumped by one of the French girls, Juan Camaney makes his way to a fancy hotel where he will stay for a small vacation using money he stole from some criminals. Juan
Camaney then meets an attractive girl named Lolita (Gabriela Goldsmith) who he falls for so madly. Lolita at first seems nice & innocent, but it turns out she works for some criminals whom also mistreat her quite badly. When Lolita finds Juan Camaney’s stolen crime money inside his weird as fuck green jacket; she takes it all and then she gets him to unknowingly mule drugs for her and that of course backfires when Juan takes the wrong box by mistake and an old woman takes the similar looking box full of drugs instead!

Sometimes I wonder what went on in these filmmakers’ minds when they made movies such as Picoso Pero Sabroso, El Lambiscon Verde, Fachoso y Mitotero and Juan Camaney De La Mafia because all of these movies are super fucking unusual and even often super fucking bad. The whole tone of this movie and the others are just so strange because it’s like they’re about to tell a decent funny story, but instead it gets corny as shit, then too weird and very, very incoherent. Kind of like your drunk father on payday. Still though, I can’t be so negative towards Picoso Pero Sabroso because despite how incoherent & weird as it is, I was mildly entertained by most of it. Luis De Alba’s Juan Camaney is such an unusual character, but he delivers good stupid laughs and the green jacket he wears reminds me of something Gucci would make, but alas, it’s a different shade of green they wouldn’t really use for their men’s wear (I think). It was also unusual that Juan Camaney just took money from criminals and Oscar Fentanes’ character finds about this and just laughs it off.

Speaking of Fenantes.... Rubio appears. His beloved Garfield plush named Rubio is always on screen with Oscar Fentanes. Rubio doesn’t make a sound this time around, but surely his presence is what truly matters. To this day I still have no idea what the hell is up with the Garfield plush exactly, but I love it. I really love it. The second variant of Rubio appears in one scene and he sits on a desk next to a stereo with a Creature from the Black Lagoon poster hanging on top of the wall while 2 girls strip to their underwear and show themselves off to Oscar Fentanes & his goofy partner. That was probably my favorite scene throughout the movie. It was almost like watching art come to life honestly. I almost forgot to mention that the fancy hotel where Juan Camaney stays at has wannabe playboy bunny servants. It’s truly odd for sure. Kind of like the woman in the movie who talks like a man. She appears in one scene and seems to be smitten by one of the servants. Odd!

Picoso Pero Sabroso is a strange movie for sure. It drags at times and is even kinda confusing because of the whole Juan Camaney stealing money subplot, but the movie however does deliver some stupid cheap laughs & plenty of Oscar Fentanes/Rubio scenes to whet your appetite for Garfield oddities. If you need a dumb & weird but kind of an okay movie to watch on a Tuesday morning, then Picoso Pero Sabroso is the movie to pick. 4/10.