Friday, February 1, 2019

Jorge Reynoso is a Ripper.

“I am the new Messiah” says Carlos (Jorge Reynoso) who was in court for the murder of his wife & 2 sons. Carlos is found guilty for the murders but legally insane, so he’s sent to a mental institution where he gets electric shock treatment that leave him in a vegetative state.

When Dr. Veronica Arizmendi (Edith Gonzalez) is assigned to treat Carlos, she sees Carlos as a man with a damaged brain that can actually be fixed, much like a computer that can be repaired. Dr. Arizmendi then uses her modern experimental treatments to “cure” Carlos and he appears to be “alive & well” again, but of course he’s only gotten more crazier and sees Dr. Arizmendi as this know it all God-like figure that he longs to be. Carlos then manages to escape from the institution and hides out in a cave where he plans to become like Dr. Arizmendi inside & out! He then kill people around town and uses various parts of their faces to make a skin mask that’s supposed to resemble Arizmendi. The last thing he needs now is her brain to gain her knowledge!

El Descuartizador (roughly translating as "The Ripper") is one insane little Rene Cardona III movie. I think if the movie had a bigger budget, it would of been epic as hell, but alas it’s low budget. Still though, the overall story for El Descuartizador is twisted as hell & intriguing. We basically have this man going insane & thinking he’s the new messiah and that killing people would only save their souls! To make it even more crazy, he wants to become just like his smart as hell female doctor. He literally wants her brain to have her knowledge and he literally makes a skin mask to try to resemble her! Truly twisted shit right here. Jorge Reynoso as always never fails to impress playing whatever character he’s portraying. His portrayal of this insane man is definitely unique and a must see to believe. I feel he pulled it off very well. The same can be said about Edith Gonzalez playing Carlos’ doctor since it feels authentic and you care for her & even root for her since she’s truly caring & is of course very knowledgeable of her work.

The violence in the movie is average at best and not too crazy as expected. We see Carlos using a scalpel at his victims and one girl loses her precious little nose. Near the end: Carlos' face is all tattered up for having acid thrown in his face and is covered in blood. I loved this look and the skin mask he wears beforehand is cheap looking, but still so great to see.

I enjoyed El Descuartizador heavily. It’s an entertaining & unique story of crazy evil man longing to be a god. There’s a line that Carlos weirdly says in the movie and that is when I knew the movie was gonna be great. That line was: "La vida empieza después de la muerte." (life begins after death) That line struck me and made me feel the insanity of Carlos. 10/10.