Saturday, July 14, 2018

Miguel Marte's Violent Deaths.

Let’s face it, folks. We’re all going to die someday. Hopefully in very much old age & in natural causes—not violently and under strange circumstances. In 1990, awesome Mexican filmmaker Miguel Marte had thought about death and how it sometimes happens under violent & strange circumstances, so he then shot 3 stories for an anthology movie entitled Muertes Violentas (aka "Violent Deaths").

In the first Muerte Violenta, Manuel Flaco Ibáñez plays a criminal who’s just chilling in bed with a hooker and proposing his love for her. He also tells her a story about how he “had to” kill a close friend of his. All of a sudden the cops come to his house to arrest him, but he doesn’t surrender to them at all—He fights them instead! He fires his guns at the cops and even has the girl with him unwillingly join on the gun-firing battle as well. Just when you think the battle is over, Manuel Flaco Ibáñez is in for a twisting surprise at the end!

This first Muerte Violenta was an interesting start. It’s just a typical crime/action story with a twist ending that was sort of unexpected and cheesy. It’s always interesting to see Manuel Flaco Ibáñez play serious roles since he’s actually a really good actor and not just in the comedic roles that he is mostly been in.

It’s always nice spending time with your dad. Especially if you’re pulling one of the weirdest pranks ever with him. Noe Murayama and his son are chilling in a van waiting for his girlfriend to come out of school so they can fake kidnap her and take her to a remote cabin in the woods for a nice little getaway. The getaway at first seems nice & chill, but things get intense & weird and then ultimately the girl ends up dead & chopped up into little pieces. Literally. 

This 2nd Muerte Violenta story is weird as fuck for sure. It begins with a weird prank and after much settling at the cabin getaway, the trio all seem to get along fine but tensions arise between all of them and then shit hits the fan hard! Still, as crazy & weird as this story was, I still really liked it. Some good ol’ crazy father/son activities featuring a crazy girl who’s willingly to fuck any of them. 

The last story is about some South American mercenaries resting at an abandoned temple that turns out to be haunted by an unseen entity! The unseen entity possesses one of the mercenary men and goes on a little killing spree.

They saved the best Muerte Violenta story for last and I loved it! The makeup effects for the possessed mercenary is cheesy goodness and he even has live snakes coming out of his mouth. Snakes always appear when someone dies a bloody death and I’m not really sure why, but these slithering creatures sure added more madness & weirdness to this death story.

Muertes Violentas is a fun anthology flick. An anthology flick made by Miguel Marte at that. I love Miguel Marte movies and this one has of course become a favorite. Why I had this tape stored in my closet for so long without viewing it is beyond me, but I’m glad I gave it a watch finally. Muertes Violentas will not be ignored no more!