Thursday, July 10, 2014

Murder In The Texas Bar.

It was just like any other night down at the Texas Bar. Men & women were playing pool and having a few drinks after a hard day's work. All of a sudden, a group of armed-men wearing leather outfits & hockey masks enter the bar and gun down every single bar patrion. Mateo Trevino (Mario Almada), back from serving in the army and haven't set a foot at the Texas Bar in years, enters it at last, but unfortunately witnesses everyone inside murdered. He picks up a weapon that was left behind by a gunmen and ends being caught holding it by the police.

Mateo now accused of slaughtering everyone in the bar, ends up in jail and awaits further prosecution. His brother Fernando ( Fernando Almada) being accused of being an accomplice of Mateo's, decides to break out his brother out of jail and to find the real murderers. Fernando hatches up a breakout plan for Mateo which involves an airplane and rope. The breakout is a success, but finding the murderers of the Texas Bar and getting them prosecuted is difficult considering the murderers are a group of drug traffickers known as the "Cobras", and its leader Tony (Jorge Reynoso) is a very powerful man that has the local authorities on his payroll. When Mateo's love child is murdered by the Cobras and everyone else they're close with, him and Fernando decide to bring down all the damn Cobras with their copious collection of shotguns & rifles.

Shot back to back with Siete En la MiraRafaga De Plomo (aka "Murder in the Texas Bar" and "Cobra Gang") is filled with lots of gun-firing action! So many rifles, pistols and shotguns are fired throughout the entire movie. As cool as the action is, the plot in general wasn't just as cool. It was kind of slow and some things didn't make sense since a lot of the plot was vague. Either way though, Rafaga De Plomo is still a lot of fun to watch since there's so much gun-firing action! Ah!

Like I mentioned before, this movie was shot back to back with Siete En La Mira considering both movies were directed by Pedro Galindo III, filmed in Brownsville, Texas and most of the cast from Siete also appear in Rafaga. So with that, watching both movies after one another would make one hell of a double feature! Don't miss out on Rafaga De Plomo, guys. Same with Siete En la Mira of course! 6/10.