Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jorge Luke has Power With No Limit and Juan Valentin writes about it.

Juan Valentin, a touring mariachi singer used to be a well-known actor back in the day. Remember him? He was in the iconic Intrepidos Punks and its popular follow-up Venganza De Los Punks. He's also fought off racists in the brutal Con El Odio En La Piel. He then played a Target hat-wearing psycho cop in the early Miguel Marte flick Ejecutor De Narcos. I would love to brag about Juan Valentin's bizarre role in Ejecutor De Narcos, but I'll save that for another time. Instead, we're gonna talk about his rather dull role in the 1993 movie Poder Sin Limite (aka "Power With No Limit").

In Poder Sin Limite, Juan Valentin plays a reporter who's going to write about a famous & very powerful drug trafficker named Efren Cruz (Jorge Luke). Juan Valentin goes to Efren Cruz's hometown and speaks to various people that have known him since he was a kid. They tell stories of his childhood, him entering the criminal underworld at a young age and how he became such a powerful person from then on. The stories are told in flashback form (naturally). While Juan Valentin hears these stories, we get into Efren Cruz's life in the present time. Efren fights off his enemies, kills traitors, fights the law, and falls in love with a blonde model chick.

After watching the trailer several times and finding an image of the ridiculous VHS cover, I had to own Poder Sin Limite in that format. A guardian angel of some sort made that happen one day when I walked into my favorite thrift store and found a VHS copy of Poder Sin Limite in the children's section (not even joking).

With great expectations, comes great disappointment.

Poder Sin Limite was quite the dull & lame movie. Now before I complain about what made the movie so dull & lame, I will say that Jorge Luke was simply great in this movie. He didn't exaggerate the role he played and was always serious throughout the entire movie. Also, the music in the movie (which is played by a wannabe group calling themselves Los Cadetes De Linares) was not bad at all and there was some pretty intense scenes which includes a gun battle that happens in the beginning of the movie and when Efren Cruz kills a traitor and his entire family with bullets and blowing cocaine at the traitor's face.

Now what exactly made Poder Sin Limite dull and pretty lame? The movie goes by really slow. It takes a while for anything interesting to happen. There's a lot of chatter and just scenes that just seem irrelevant to what is supposed to be happening. Also, Juan Valentin's character was just boring. He wasn't interesting and was kind of a jerkoff. At least he didn't sing in the movie though because when he sings, the movie flats on its ass and ends up sucking. Not that he sucks at singing, but its just pointless of him to break into song. God.

Poder Sin Limite didn't deliver what I expected, but I'm not gonna hate on the movie completely. It's just boring is all. I wasn't expecting a boring movie at all, but oh well.

Curious? Watch it then. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, but check it out if you are eager to watch it.

Why did I talk about Juan Valentin so much in this review?