Sunday, May 25, 2014

Slaughterhouse Revenge.

Who knew being a slaughterhouse worker was so dramatic. Take the movie El Destazador (aka "The Cutter") for instance. Jorge Reynoso plays Everardo; a union leader for a pretty big slaughterhouse somewhere in Mexico. He is well respected by his peers and even local politicians (hmm..). One day, after Everardo meets with a local politician and exchanges words with him (some sort of negotiation),—he goes back home with his working partner and gets drunk with him. After hard drinking, Everardo's girlfriend gives his dick a good stroking with her tits and then after finishing him off, Everardo's partner pulls out a gun and shoots him right in the head.

 Believed to be dead—Everardo wakes up at the slaughterhouse being prepared to be.. Slaughtered. Everardo instead chops up the assassin by throwing him into one of those pointy grinding machines. From then on, Everardo decides to kill everyone that was part of his attempted assassination. He's naturally going to kill them all in the slaughterhouse. They're gonna be treated like the pigs he cuts up daily! Everardo does however spare one person's life and that is the politician's wife. He realizes she has been abused by her greedy husband and she needs affection. He then develops a morbid relationship with her and even eats spicy human flesh tacos with her (seriously).

Such drama in the slaughterhouse! El Destazador definitely lives up to its title since Jorge Reynoso's character cuts up everybody that betrayed him. He throws em in the chopping/grinding machines and cuts off their limbs with a machete & knife. Such anger & brutality, eh? While the scenes with Everardo cutting his victims weren't too graphic, there are actual scenes where pigs are being cut up into chops. I wasn't a fan of seeing that happening, but I do respect these scenes being in the movie since it is set in an actual slaughterhouse. But be warned that these scenes with the pigs are very graphic. So if stuff like that upsets you, then you def need to skip these scenes. What was so interesting about the movie is that the character Everardo narrates the entire movie through his jail cell. He's apparently confessing in front of reporters & such. He is such a prick, but very honest. You got to love him! I wanted more Everardo talking shit scenes!

El Destazador is yet another Christian Gonzalez movie I enjoyed. It’s one of his best thrillers for sure. It's on point and honest. No bull & exaggerations. Definitely don't miss this one. Watch it!