Thursday, April 13, 2023

Welcome to "Festival De Trash-Mex". 3 Double Feature screenings at The Frida Cinema on May 19th, 20th, 21st!

 Trash-Mex is back at The Frida Cinema with not 1, but 6 movie screenings on May 19th, May 20th & 21st! 

This weekend of double features is dubbed “Festival De Trash-Mex”. This is a curation of Mexican-Spanish genre films like no other. Do not miss seeing the films that amazed & shocked audiences in the USA & Mexico back in the 1970’s & 1980’s!

Poster Designed by Future Shock

And also, come see The Frida Cinema lobby walls filled with original Mexican film posters & lobby cards from the Trash-Mex/Hernández collection. (Featured only for this entire weekend) 

May 19th: 

Youth gone wild! Youth possessed by demonic entity! 

Dimensiones Ocultas (Don’t Panic) (1987) & Navajeros (Dulces Navajas) (1980) + DJ set by Rendezvous & Severin Films pop-up shop.

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May 20th: 

Luchadores & monsters galore!

Santo y Mantequilla Nápoles En La Venganza De La Llorona (1974) & Santo y Blue Demon Vs. Dracula y El Hombre Lobo (1973) + special guest speaker Dr. David Wilt (film lecturer & El Santo expert)

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May 21st: 

The final night with a Mexican cinema villain & hero! + DJ set by La Cosecha Internacional

Theatrical premiere of the newly-restoration of El Violador Infernal (1988)

This gritty Mexican horror-exploitation title is not to be missed! 

Secret Mario Almada Title (19??)  

We’ll keep you guessing on what title it could be till the night of the screening! All we can say for now is that this movie is chockfull of action & one of Mario Almada’s most iconic roles! 

May 19th & May 21st screenings will feature Trashy Mexican Movie Trailers before the features begin! And still more stuff to be revealed later! For now, head on over to to pre-order your tickets before they sell out!