Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Similarities of Chismoso De La Ventana (1956) & Mujeres De Medianoche (1990).

As I mentioned in my review of El Chismoso De La Ventana, the great Christian González had actually directed the remake of Chismoso which is known as Mujeres De Medianoche (1990). Gilberto Martinez Solares & his son Adolfo Martinez Solares had produced the movie and naturally wrote it as well. If you watch both movies; you will see they’re not all that different aside from the decades they are set in and Mujeres features sleaziness & brutal violence that Chismoso does not have. Still though, the characters in both movies are the same, the quirky outdated jokes are in both movies & a lot of the scenes are very similar and just as fun. The cha-cha-cha dance scene in both movies are just peachy. Sadly, the French cafe scene never got remade for Mujeres

This would would be the first movie that Gilberto would remake and he would go on to remake another classic of his several years later which is La Negra Tomasa (1993). La Negra Tomasa is a remake of El Sultan Descalzo (1956)

Here are the scenes that are similar. You’ll travel back in time to 1956 and 1990!