Sunday, August 11, 2019

An Outrage.

When you spend most of your time watching many, many movies, you feel like you’ve seen it at all. Nothing else you watch next won’t feel much different or make you go “wow!” or some shit like that. Sometimes though, those rare little moments, you might just find a movie that’ll surprise & excite you because it was just so fucking cool & unexpected. That’s pretty much how it felt when I watched Ultraje (also known as "Ultraje De Una Mujer" & "Outrage") for the first time via a copy my good friend Quentin had sent me. Ultraje surprised the fuck out of me and I’m so happy for that. This was a real gem for damn sure. A “wow!” moment in def.

College professor/painter Danny (Troy Donahue) suffered a terrible car accident that has perhaps caused severe head injuries. Ever since the accident, he goes through mood swings and goes off at a couple of his students, one being a young beauty named Kathy (Alicia Encinas) who is very smitten over him. When Danny finds out he has no severe damage to his head from the accident; his doctor does however tell him he should get psychological help for his mood swings & any more injury to his head can definitely lead to some dire consequences. Danny feeling well after his doctor visit; goes to Kathy and they both propose their undying love for each other. Danny & Kathy then marry, have their honeymoon in Acapulco and decide to live together at a secluded cabin in the mountains away from civilization and where Danny plans to just paint for a living.

Time goes by, Danny and Kathy now have a daughter & live in peace in their secluded home up until the arrival of construction workers whom are around the area to build condos & such. When 3 scumbag wood-cutters watch Kathy and her daughter bathe in the river; the scumbags chase after Kathy & then violently rape her. Danny tries to save Kathy, but he suffers a brutal beating that leaves him in a frozen state. After Kathy is raped and Danny still unable to move: their home is accidentally set on fire by the scumbags, Kathy commits suicide, their little daughter is nowhere to be found and when Danny regains conscious, he’s not the same... Danny is now out for revenge for losing his family & life at the hands of “outsiders” of the woods. Danny wanders around the mountains with a hatchet & kills anyone in his way and of course definitely out to kill the men responsible for his shattered life. No one gets in Danny’s way. No one.

When a movie surprises the fuck out of me, then it’s probably gonna be an automatic favorite. Ultraje is that kind of movie for sure! Ultraje has a runtime of 73 minutes, but those 73 minutes are not wasted at all since my eyes were glued to the screen all the way. The movie begins with a romantic ballad playing as we watch Kathy and Danny embracing each other in all white clothing. It seems like the movie is going to be so romantic & peaceful, but this romance between student & professor is shattered away at the hands of ugly evil people. Don’t fall for its depiction of romance & happiness. It’s gonna go away & become a story of tragedy & brutality!

Ultraje is brutal for sure and when I say brutal, it’s because the rape scene is fucked up to see and before that even happens, we watch Kathy & her little daughter in the river trying to fight off the main assaulter, whom by the way doesn’t technically rape her since he couldn’t get his chode hard. Kathy then all of a sudden commits suicide and it’s just so fucked up to see that after everything that has happened. Once Danny is out in the woods chopping people up with his hatchet, it’s pretty damn creepy. The music & POV scenes make it so fucking good and it’s basically proto-slasher stuff right here. There’s not much blood sadly, but then again who needs to see lots of blood when we have some of the music score from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing as Danny hunts & chops his victims. Ugh, I loved that so much.

I would never imagine watching a rape/revenge & proto-slasher starring the famous Troy Donahue and Alicia Encinas, but here we are with Ultraje. Which by the way was directed by Raul Fernandez, the man behind all the Rosa Gloria Chagoyan 80’s/90’s epics. His son Rolando, Stars in the movie as the main scumbag and it was quite the surprise to see him. This would be considered his 3rd feature as an actor.

Ultraje is such an usual, brutal movie, but so fucking fascinating as well. I wouldn’t exactly call it a unique movie, but the overall tone of the movie feels so unique & eerie. It’s like a nightmare come true. This is a movie buried in obscurity for whatever reason, but it definitely needs to be out of the dark & known more by all. Ultraje is a special movie and a must see for fans of the rape/revenge genre and even the slasher genre since it comes off like one when Danny is out in the woods for revenge. I can’t recommend this movie enough. Seek it out and you will not be disappointed at all.