Sunday, February 25, 2018

Girls just want to have fun. Kill, too.

We live in a world that is sadly very dangerous and that will never achieve peace in any way. Marvin Gaye once said in a song "There's too many of us dying" and that is completely true. We're always dying because we always just kill each other for some reason. One particular reason is greed. Greed when it comes to money mostly. Everybody wants money and not everyone want to earn in a fair manor. These people just want to take it from someone else that has actually took their time to earn it. So they'll use acts of violence to take what they want and do not care for the consequences that will come. No sympathy for the suffering.

This is what Angeles Infernales is all about.

Greed and Violence.

However, there is a small twist to this story. The men that commit the acts of violence for money dress up as women. It's their identity. Their gang attire. Literally.

Angeles Infernales (aka "Infernal Angels") starts off with the gang of cross dressers driving in a yellow convertible. They enter a store and assault everyone in the store. Including police officer Ivan (Jorge Reynoso) and his pregnant wife who were just casually shopping. Without giving a single fuck, the leader of the gang Miguel shoots Ivan's wife and knocks Ivan out. From there. they kill the poor cashier and security guard. All the money of the store is taken of course. Afterwards, the gang of lady-men attack a couple of young lovers. Turns out the guy who was just was smooching with his girl actually knows Miguel! The guy used to bully Miguel in school and now the tables have turned. Miguel and his guys (or girls) rape the guy's girlfriend and then both end up dead. Sad. Crazy. The gang of lady-men then rob another store and this time its quite brutal(er). They shoot the place up & Miguel stabs the shopkeeper with an ice pick to the neck. Ouch. After a struggling recovery, Ivan and his cop friend Santos (Agustin Bernal) go in search of the gang of lady-men who are still committing brutal crimes in town. Ivan wants to avenge his pregnant wife's death at all costs.

Angeles Infernales is another notorious title I had search for the longest time and was finally able to get it. I had the highest of expectations for it and did it live up to that? Oh, yes indeed! A gang of crossdressers robbing, killing & raping and two tough cops battling them is exactly what I expected to see and it lived up for sure. The pacing of the movie was great, never really got slow and the cheap music score that plays throughout the movie blends in quite well with the brutality of these crazy man-ladies' crimes. Jorge Reynoso is of course always a pleasure to see in the movie. He's calm but it's quite clear that's how his character is supposed to be. Calm but out for revenge for sure. I also loved the subplot involving one of the crossdressers'. He's the youngest of the gang and while he's not robbing and raping and killing; he lives a pretty normal life with his mother and has a girlfriend who he adores a lot and protects. Of course that all turns to shit once his criminal activities with his gang come to light.

I just love a good ol' movie with killer cross dressers and Jorge Reynoso featuring Agustin Bernal. Angeles Infernales is a fun watch. A rarity worth seeking out. If I was able to get it, you can too. Not sure when, but you will. Also, if you run into a dude who you bullied in school that now is dressing up as a lady; I suggest you run and never stop running. 7/10.