Sunday, February 25, 2018

Those damned Infernal Angels.

Angeles Infernales (aka "Infernal Angels") begins with a gang of cross-dressers driving in an old yellow convertible. They enter a store and assault everyone inside—including police officer Ivan (Jorge Reynoso) and his pregnant wife. Without giving a single fuck, the leader of the gang Miguel (Moris Grey) shoots Ivan's wife and knocks Ivan out. After the robbery & massacre; Miguel & his gang of “girls” attack a couple that they’ve come across at a park & it turns out that the guy who was was smooching with his girl actually knows Miguel! This guy used to bully Miguel in grade school and now the tables have turned it seems. Miguel and his “girls” proceed to rape the guy's girlfriend and then kill her & her boyfriend. Miguel’s gang then rob another store and this time around it's far more brutalthey shoot the place up big time & Miguel stabs the shopkeeper with an ice pick to the neck. After a struggling recovery—Ivan and his fellow cop friend Santos (Agustin Bernal) go in search of the gang who are out there continuously committing brutal crimes around the city. Ivan wants to avenge his pregnant wife's death at all costs.

Angeles Infernales is a title I had searched for the longest time and I finally was able to get it. I had many expectations for it and did it live up to that? Yes indeed! I expected to see a gang of cross-dressers robbing, killing & raping innocent folks and two tough cops battling them out and surely that is exactly what I got to see here. The pacing of Angeles Infernales is great since it never really gets slow and the cheap music score that plays throughout the movie blends in quite well with the brutality of this crazy gang’s crimes. It all felt like a giant "fuck you" to society and done so quickly, too. The movie has a great cast and with two big action stars leading the way—Jorge Reynoso and Agustin Bernal. Jorge Reynoso as usual plays a vengeful cop and its done so well and his calming demeanor is all the more believable. Agustin Bernal here plays a supportive role and it's quite different honestly since I'm always used to seeing him play someone very angry, vengeful, or evil. Here, he's just a chill cop who wants to help out his friend. Moris Grey here plays the leader of the cross-dressers "Miguel" and Moris here of course plays his role perfectly since he has tended to play other bitter, angry & super evil antagonists beforehand. Cross-dressing as well.

Angeles Infernales is a big-time fun watch for sure. It's full of madness, vengeful actions & it features one of the craziest cross-dressing gangs ever. Now that I think about it, is there any other movie like this? Let me know if there is.