Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The great VHS Haul of 2016. Blogo Trasho returns to normal.... someday.

Last week I received 2 fat boxes of VHS tapes from eBay. All the 100 tapes inside were random to sought after titles. It was an amazing feeling to finally have most of my most wanteds & even some surprises! All the tapes came from a now defunct video store in Phoenix, AZ called "Eddie's Video". Being 100 tapes, I'm assuming the store had a huge inventory of Mexican tapes. Amazing.

So many tapes to go through, so little time. Sorta. I already watched a few of them, but I still need to watch more till I'm exhausted and dying of thirst. When the blog comes back in mid-July, expect tons of new reviews which includes the ones I already have ready (I have 5 ready!). There will also be a new Trashy trailer reel. A big one. It's all gonna be in one video and it will be amazing. Seriously.  Again, mid-July will be the return. For real this time. No more procrastinating, no more crazy sleep patterns. Writing will be no problem now. I'm excited.

Here are some of the highlights from the haul. I was going to scan them, but I felt pictures would be appropriate for now. Plus I'm a great iPhone photographer! Just kidding. No, I'm not. The pictures are still great though.

 See you in July! 

- raculfright_13 (Armando H.)