Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Between Weed, Blow & Led.

When a movie begins with a pregnant woman being slashed to death by a creep in a cowboy hat, then you know for sure its gonna be a wild ride from then on.

Tony Guzman's (Gregorio Casal) pregnant mistress has just been murdered. Tony tries to retaliate by shooting at the men responsible for the murder and these men work for Fred Aguilar (Noe Murayama); Tony's enemy from the old days. After attempting at killing his mistress' murderers and killing a Colombian drug dealer & wounding his arm along the way—Tony decides to send off his 15 year old son Ramiro (Armando Araiza) to do a big drug deal. Tony tells his son Ramiro that he has to cross the Rio Bravo in order to make this deal happen. So then, Ramiro crosses the Rio Bravo and meets with a powerful drug boss in Texas named J.J. Santos (Alfredo Gutierrez "El Turco"). J.J. Santos sees great potential in Ramiro after a successful drug deal and begins to trust his father Tony from then on.

10 years later and Ramiro is now 25 years old and doing well with his aging but still powerful father. When word gets out that a Colombian is about to do a deal with Fred Aguilar and his men; Tony, Ramiro & their guys head out to an old train yard where they shoot each other for a ridiculous amount of time. Tony at last avenges his mistress' murder but gets his legs shot for it and sent off to prison.

Ramiro takes over his father's drug empire but fails to be a proper leader since he becomes addicted to cocaine and works for J.J. Santos instead. When Tony is released from prison, Ramiro is no longer allowed to be part of the family and from then on his addiction to cocaine worsens and it leads to a tragedy that involves himself and his father.

Based on the narcocorrido of the same name, Entre Hierba, Polvo y Plomo (aka "Between Weed, Blow & Led") is hands down the best narco-crime flick of 1980’s. The movie has a plot that never bores, confuses, or irritates at all. It is interesting from beginning to end. Next to a great plot comes great action and of course has soooo much shooting!! It's unbelievably awesome. So machismo, too. I didn't want those guns to stop firing at all. I also just adored all the characters in the movie, especially Tony Guzman! Tony Guzman was a badass even in the wheelchair. J.J. Santos was intriguing as well and mostly due to the fact that he's a closeted homosexual apparently.

There's a lot of cool narco-crime flicks out there and Entre Hierba, Polvo y Plomo is definitely on top of the list. This movie should be more appreciated. I love it madly.

It is a must watch for sure!

Lyrics of the song (translated):

Had a bandit reputation since he was a boy

Between Weed, Blow and Led

His father was a drug dealer who respected nobody,
It was he who taught him the way.

Ramiro was 15 years old when his father told him,
"you are you taking this order of blow for me."

"you will respond to me with your life. You know where to send it. In the Hidalgo County."

Ramiro crossed the famous Rio Bravo swimming and that's how he took the blow with him,

the buyers of the blow were waiting for him in the Hidalgo County,

He passed the furious test for the old man's pride,

He often crossed the river with boxes of weed and led, 
He began to enjoy blow like a junkie,

One day his father told him, "I will not give you any drugs, much less any money."

Ramiro responded back "you're the one that taught me this way. give them to me or I kill you."

Without hesitation, he shot his father, but kept one bullet to end his life in front of his mother.