Friday, April 4, 2014

The 9 Faces of Fear.

A bloodthirsty demonic spirit awaits for its next victims in an abandoned hotel. A TV crew and some mediums are inside that abandoned hotel doing a report on a mass murder that happened there a long time ago. After facing the demonic spirit several times—the TV crew & mediums realize they cannot escape the hotel and must fight the demon that is possessing everyone inside. This demon will brutally kill off everyone inside until there's nothing of them left to tear up!

Christian Gonzalez takes on the horror genre with Las Nueve Caras Del Miedo (aka "The 9 Faces of Fear") and it features all the obvious ghoulish scares in a haunted setting and has plenty of blood & gore to make you squirm. Several limbs & organs are pulled out and even weird blue vomiting ensues. Very “splaterry” sounding, huh?

I also have to mention that the entire cast of the movie is excellent. I really need to see another horror movie starring Roberto Ballesteros, Manuel Ojeda, Guillermo Quintanilla and Armando Silvestre together. All these badass & talented dudes in a horror movie is just so damn good. What's also damn good is that the character Roberto Ballesteros plays insists on filming everything that goes on in the hotel—even when his colleagues are bleeding to death and getting very much possessed. He clearly gives no fuck and somehow feels he'll survive this whole scary, demonic ordeal. Isn't that great?

Las Nueve Caras Del Miedo is a great 90's Mexican horror obscurity directed by the great Christian Gonzalez. He once again impresses me with another film of his and in particular a straight-up horror film—a genre he was barley tackling into at the time. Christian added all the scares & splatter needed for a horror film, but also still added in his gritty style of storytelling with smirky dialogue that is all too familiar. 

I would like to thank Christian Gonzalez's wife Patricias Rojas for providing me a copy of Las Nueve Caras Del Miedo. Thank you, Patricia!