Friday, March 7, 2014

Everybody Wins.

After winning a big boxing match; Chamaco Reyes (Juan Carlos Barreto) is all happy for becoming a champion. On his way home from the celebration, Chamaco loses control of his car and crashes it. Chamaco survives the accident without a scratch, but his pregnant wife dies. Several years later, Chamaco is no longer a boxer. He is back in his old neighborhood working as a mechanic. His days are just spent working, missing his wife, and eating chicken soup at a food stand. One day, an old boxing manager named Don Lupe (Roberto Flaco Guzman) reunites with Chamaco and takes him to see underground boxing matches at night. Inspired by these kinds of boxing matches, Chamaco begins to train as a fighter again and enters the matches with the help of Don Lupe. Chamaco wins a few fights and impresses the fight coordinator Pacheco (Eric Del Castillo) a lot.

When Pacheco isn't at the underground fights, then he's managing his Strip Club. Pacheco recently hired a blonde bombshell named Isaura (Michelle Moran) and he's fallen quite in love with her. He buys her expensive shoes and tips her very well when she dances. This of course gets Pacheco's other ladies jealous as hell. Isaura ends up getting beaten up by these ladies and can't walk home due to her injuries. It just so happens Chamaco passes by her and takes her back home to care for her. After caring for her, Isaura and Chamaco end up together. When Pacheco gets words of this, he challenges Chamaco to an epic fight for Isaura's love.

In Furia De Barrio (aka "Fury of the Neighborhood"), everybody wins. No one loses in the end. No one suffers in the long run. Furia De Barrio is just so cheerful and positive! Weird? A little. Good? Yes. Very.

Furia De Barrio is quite the positive movie alright. As positive as it is though, the movie is however set in a very ragged, poor neighborhood in Mexico and the characters (Pacheco and Don Lupe particularly) are quite sleaze bags. The scenes in the strip club are also of course sleazy as hell. The hot girls dance erotically in 1990's lingerie while a bunch of pervs throw their money at them and their eyes googling out to them. Since the movie is about boxing (duh), there was quite a few fight scenes throughout the entire movie. Some scenes were good, some were too cheesy. Ya know, cheap punching sound effects & weird amounts of blood coming out of mouths. Not very action-wise. The movie lacked a fight/action coordinator, perhaps? The fighters all looked like something out of a 1990's cheap arcade game that's usually played in laundromats. One guy (Leonardo Daniel) has a huge scar on his face and uses kung fu moves in fights. I liked him. He should of had a bigger part in the movie actually. The other guys just had jerry curls, were tall and had big bellies. Very colorful set of fighters alright.

If you're in the mood for romance, cheap fighting and hot strippers; then watch Furia De Barrio. It'll make your day for sure. Yes. 6/10.