Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bloody Weekend in San Antonio.

Like any other slasher movie from the 1980s, Vacaciones Sangrientas (aka "Bloody Vacation" aka “Verano Sangriento”) tells the story of a group of teenagers heading to a big ol' house that is owned by an old relative. They want to spend a nice Summer weekend there swimming in the pool, playing pranks on each other, and contact the supernatural via an ouija board. Its all fun & games till people start getting killed. Could it be someone in the house committing these horrible murders? Or is it something supernatural doing it??

I was looking very forward to Vacaciones Sangrientas since I thought at the time it was the same movie that the legendary Aldo Monti directed. However, it turned out to be a completely different "Vacaciones Sangrientas". This one I'm talking about is actually directed by Jorge Manrique and its alternate title is "Verano Sangriento" (Bloody Summer).

Now was this Vacaciones Sangrientas any good? Meh, not really. I mean, it didn't annoy me or anything, but it is rather dull. All the good stuff in the movie pretty much happens right when it is coming to an end. And by the good stuff, I mean the all the murders. They’re very cheap murder scenes, but fun to look at. The chainsaw one is the best of course. How could you not like a good ol' chainsaw murder in a movie?

The characters in the movie were all likable surprisingly. The guys are lovable jerks and the girls are cute. Gilberto Trujillo's character "Juan" was the most interesting one since he's mentally handicapped and wheelchair-bound. Gilberto played the role well. Believable & all. Eleazar Garcia Jr's character is also pretty interesting since he is a tall creepy pervert with porn pictures on his cardboard walls. Tall creepy perverts are cool, right? Well I mean in the movies that is. Duh.

Now what made me not like Vacaciones Sangrientas next to it being dull is the killer's identity. When it's revealed, it’s like "wow, really?" because it just doesn't make any sense. They had one character building up to possibly being the killer, but then out nowhere that same character gets killed. That was disappointing as hell, man..

Vacaciones Sangrientas is unfortunately a dull obscure Mexican slasher from the late 1980's. Enjoyable to others maybe, but for me I really wasn't all that impressed. Still, it's a rarity to look out for though, especially for slasher buffs.