Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meche, La Inocente.

In La Inocente (aka "The Innocent Girl"), a young woman named Constancia (Mercedes "Meche" Carreño) spends her days playing & acting like a little 7 year-old girl. Now why does she act that way? Well, Constancia is mentally-handicapped. When Constancia is out & about in her neighborhood; dirty old men whistle at her and try to look under her little skirts. Constancia just smiles & giggles as they do this because she doesn't know what they're doing is wrong. Constancia's poor mom (Lilia Michel) tells her to beware of these men, but of course she barely listens to this advice. Speaking of Constancia's mom; she's stressing it big time since she is a single parent working daily and can barely control her mentally-handicapped daughter. The doctors tell her to put Constancia in an institution, but she refuses to do that because all she has in this world is her daughter. Sad, but so true.

When Constancia is raped by the neighbor boy Carlos, she becomes pregnant and raises the baby with her mom & grandmother. Carlos feeling remorse for what he did; commits suicide. As the baby grows, Constancia's behavior worsens since she continues to behave childish and lacks motherly skills. Poor, Poor Constancia! What will she and her mother do?!?!

La Inocente is such a great & tragic movie. I felt so bad for Constancia and her mother very much since they struggle through out the entire movie. They have some good moments together and by themselves; but these good moments are brief and usually end up in an awkward/unsettling event.

Meche Carrreño does a great job portraying Constancia since its pretty believable and not over-done. Of course, the movie does sexualize Constancia's appearance by having her wear small skirts and always show her panties when she bends over. Intriguing scenes, but feelings of guilt will be felt since Meche is playing a mentally-handicapped woman, not a Lolita type of character.

La Inocente is a must watch for Mexican melodramatic fans and Meche Carrreño fans. It will please you and break your little hearts. 7/10.