Friday, January 13, 2012

Assassin For Vengeance!

Do you know what Asesino Por Venganza means in English? It means Assassin For Vengeance.  You know who wants vengeance in Asesino Por Venganza? A dude played by Agustin Bernal does! Why does he want vengeance? Back in the day, The dude's dad was sentenced to spend a long time in jail for murder and robbery. The dad died while serving his time in jail and this pissed off the son very much. The son's longing for vengeance grew as the years went by.... One morning, the dude heads out to the judge's ranch to kill him. Before killing the judge, he rapes & strangles the daughter to death. Only 1 person is left to kill and that is the mullet haired son. The dude will find him and kill him no matter what! Nothing will stop the dude from getting his vengeance!

After I finished watching this movie for the 1st time, I had a thought. A crazy thought. "Could Miguel Angel Rodriguez be related to Andy Milligan?", I thought this because Asesino Por Venganza looks and feels like a Milligan movie! It's got the weird camera shots you would only see in a Milligan movie and it has some boring filler just like a Milligan movie. Maybe Miguel and Andy are related, or maybe Miguel learned how to direct a movie from Andy. Whatever the case, Asesino Por Venganza is a unique Mexican trash slasher film.

You know how a killer in these kinds of movies uses a sharp weapon? Well in this movie, a knife is used but a 9mm pistol is used as well! You know how most killers in these kinds of movies wear a costume of some sort? Well in this movie, Agustin Bernal wears a cowboy hat that covers his eyes and he wears a long, black tassel jacket. White boots as well. What a 90's Texas styled killer!

Asesino Por Venganza is okay. The action/violence in Asesino is pretty cool since there's plenty of  cheap blood, gun shots, and a fist fight in the end. The music in the movie is cheesy but very catchy. The music is so catchy, it makes a fat dude dance with a mop!

So as you can see, there is an assassin and there is vengeance. The title of the movie definitely describes the movie.Go right ahead, check it out. 5/10.