Thursday, July 28, 2022

Trash-Mex Movie Screening In Los Angeles! Come See Muerte En La Playa (1991) on August 19th!

“Cuando calienta el sol aquí en la playa,

siento tu cuerpo vibrar cerca de mí..”

The beach was a place where the late & controversial Mexican filmmaker Enrique Gomez Vadillo always felt at ease and it is also where many of his peculiar movies & telenovelas were always set.

From the director of Verano Salvaje (1980), Playa Prohibida (1985) & El Chico Temido De La Vecindad (1989); Enrique Gomez Vadillo brings us yet another heavy psychotic-thriller about a confused & traumatized young man who’s only way to cope is to kill, kill, kill! And all set in beautiful, sunny Acapulco.

Come see Muerte En La Playa (1991) on Friday, August 19th at Whammy Analog Media, located in sunny Los Angeles, CA! 

And like usual, there will be a ridiculously amazing trashy Mexican movie trailer reel before the movie begins! Don’t miss this one of a kind summer screening! 

Get your tickets on Whammy’s website right now!