Thursday, May 12, 2022

Trash-Mex Screening at Whammy Analog Media! AGAIN! Come see La Noche De La Bestia (1988) on Friday, May 20th!

Trash-Mex is proud to present La Noche De La Bestia (1988)! A Mexican horror/sci-fi obscurity starring: Hugo Stiglitz, Sergio Goyri, Jorge Reynoso, Arsenio Campos, Arturo Garcia Tenorio & Lina Santos! 

Join us at Whammy Analog Media in Echo Park, CA on Friday, May 20th to see this obscure Mexican horror-sci-fi rarity!

La Noche De La Bestia is about a malignant mortal presence that converts a group of friends out hunting in the woods, into a bloody & incontrollable massacre!

This will be the 2nd Trash-Mex screening at whammy and will also benefit my good friends over at Re/Arte for their recent re-location. 

Don’t miss this one of a kind Mexican horror movie screening that’ll leave you in awe, especially with the trashy Mexican trailers I picked out exclusively for this screening! Come through! Don’t lag! Buy your tickets at whammy’s website -->

trailer by Jon Mora!