Friday, February 25, 2022

Trash-Mex Screening at Echo Park’s video shop Whammy Analog Media! Come see Asesino De Media Noche (1993) on Friday, March 4th!

On Friday, March 4th, Trash-Mex be screening the fever-dream/Mexican SOV slasher “Asesino De Media Noche” at Echo Park’s ultimate video shop Whammy Analog Media! Be sure to check them out online and visit their shop as well! 

Synopsis of Asesino De Media Noche

“In the trenches of Los Angeles, a masked killer is on the loose and this all happens while local reporter “Carlos” is helping his Vietnam Vet buddy  “Roy”  who’s falling hard on drug addiction & mental issues. Is the killer on the loose Roy or someone far more sinister from the past? 

LA-based producer Jorge Gomez & Mexican director Xorge Noble are proud to present this fever-dream/shot on video slasher from 1993!”

Don’t miss this screening as it will be a special & unique experience! There will also be some Trashy Mexican Movie Trailers playing right before the feature starts! 

Purchase your tickets on the following link:

See ya then, freaks!