Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trash-Mex Double Feature Screening In Boyle Heights! Come see Noche De Fieras (1990) & La Tentacion (1991) on Friday, December 17th!

 A Trash-Mex Double Feature screening happening at Re/Arte in Boyle Heights! 

Come see a forgotten 90’s Mexican Horror film + A 90’s Erotic Thriller from the notorious Enrique Gomez Vadillo! 

  • Noche De Fieras (1990)

A forgotten & wild 90’s Mexican Horror film from legendary Mexican genre filmmaker Alfredo B Crevenna. 

A bickering married couple go through unimaginable horror in an old house deep in the woods! Body parts seeping through broken mirrors, snakes crawling all over the house, a ghoulish mummified man on the loose & much, much more! Check out my 2018 review HERE

  • La Tentacion (1991)

One of the last films that famous Mexican actress Angelica Chain had starred in and under the direction of notorious filmmaker Enrique Gomez Vadillo

Angelica Chain plays “Susana”, a gorgeous middle-aged woman who has won the lottery and immediately buys a luxurious house in Acapulco where she gathers up a group of naive young men to do all her bidding! No limits whatsoever! When the young men grow tired of Susana’s abusive ways — they band together to put a stop to her & take over it all.

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 - Desnudos (2004)

Don’t miss seeing these 2 rare & Trashy Mexican films from the 90’s in 1 night! 

$8 Admission! 

Doors open at 7:45 PM  


2014 1/2 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, California 90033