Sunday, February 14, 2021

Trashy Trailers + Trash-Mex Movies (Vacaciones Sangrientas)

 It’s Valentine’s Day. A day where you’ll either be spending it with someone very dear to you or in some cases someone you shouldn’t even be with, but cannot resist the raw temptations. Whatever the case, I recommend staying in with them. Why risk getting Covid by sitting in some ugly outdoor restaurant tent? Keep it personal. Keep it tranquil. Use those DoorDash promo codes you have and watch 2 ultra-rare 80’s Mexican slashers that have been unearthed on Trash-Mex several years back! 

If you ever wondered what a Trash-Mex screening would be like, well this is it. Oh how I would love to do a real one someday, but for now we gotta keep it “virtual”. 

Please enjoy Vacaciones Sangrientas & Verano Sangriento & those famous Trashy Trailers. 

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