Friday, March 20, 2020

3 Trashy Mexican Movies To Watch Over & Over During Quaraintine!

As if it isn’t obvious already, The world has gone weird over the corona virus. Self-Quarantine has become a thing to do worldwide basically, so lots of folks have just been staying inside their homes singing, writing, studying, masturbating and watching movies & tv. It’s also been interesting to see a lot of people online recommending stuff to watch on various platforms, but of course there’s nothing for the thirsting of trashy Mexican cinema. This is where I come and help quench that thirst for you by providing 3 trashy Mexican movies to watch over & over during self-quarantine! These 3 movies I hope will make you feel less bored and make you forget the troubles going on in the world right now. After these 3 movies and if the people enjoy this, then perhaps more movies will come as the quarantine days continue. Enjoy the movies and I will now enter self-quarantine and practice Pedro Infante’s whistle from Amorcito Corazón and then later brush your girlfriend’s long dark hair & bangs. She loves it when I do it. Not you.

 Confesiones De Un Asesino 
En Serie A rarity about a serial killer made by the master Christian Gonzalez. This one moves slowly, but it’s an interesting slow burner for sure. The mood of the movie is to die for.

 Super Mojado 
With all this craze over superhero movies, why not relax with Super Mojado, the hero for the raza in East LA. Read my review HERE 

 El Despertar Del Sexo 
Looking for something to watch that isn’t on Disney+ and what should historically relevant in mexican cinema? Check out what perhaps could be the first ever mexican adult film. This movie is strictly XXX, so do not watch this with children and/or sensitive people. This movie is strictly adults only. I repeat, adults only. Happy fapping. Read my review HERE 
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