Thursday, April 4, 2019

8 Trashy Mexican Trailers to watch over & over & ... over!

Went through an old DVD-R that contained some trailers I once uploaded before and some I never uploaded before. Anyway, these 8 trailers are cool as fuck and trashy as fuck as well. Pretty violent too, but cheap of course. Cheap good.

This looks fun as hell and violent. That narrator is also my favorite guy ever.

The best trailer for the best movie ever (kinda). I have to cover this movie soon! It's a great movie with the legends Jorge Luke & Charly Valentino. RIP to both men!

I remember this movie being kinda dumb, but then kinda fun as well.

A classic slasher/psycho from Miguel Marte. My old review HERE

I still haven't watched this one but hear it's great!

This looks fun as hell. Also, Edgardo Gazcon is a perv. Clearly.

Carlos Enrique Taboada wrote this movie, so naturally this movie has to be good.

Could be good. Maybe. I don't know. Trailer is mildly cool though.

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