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Top 10 Blogo Trasho Movies Of 2018, Salvemos El Cine Mexicano, Sopa De Caracol. See ya next year.

The last couple years or so, Blogo Trasho was inactive. I had the craving to write and sometimes I even did, but most of the time I never finished a post or just left the drafts unpublished with the exception of a couple of posts that were finally published this year. I was also discouraged to not really keep up with the blog much because of the removal of my old YouTube channel and almost everyone’s transition from reading blogs to listening to podcasts (everybody seems to have those now a days, eh?). I also began to date someone (and another after) and gotten extremely busy working in this time gap; so I had little to no time to be working on the blog or anything like that. I was so busy during these days and I was in love (or so I thought), but my love for movies, especially the obscure & unusual & trashy Mexican movies never stopped. I was still watching them, I was still buying them and my passion for them only grew more as time went by.

The day after Valentine’s Day, I published a review for Venganza Diabólica and it sparked up highly. It got me excited and to whoever really likes this little blog. From there, I kept it up and as of now I’ve made more posts than I thought I would do. Going back through my archive of this year truly puts a smile on my face. I’m proud of the work I done for these movies because I truly care for them. I want to them be known & not forgotten or ignored. What’s even more heartwarming for me is the connections I’ve made because of these movies. Be it other collectors, enthusiasts, critics and even some of the filmmakers/actors themselves. Talking to people about these movies is truly the best thing ever. Unique as well. Let’s keep this up, yeah? To everyone who has shown support & love for Blogo Trasho and the new YouTube channel: I thank you so, so much. I really appreciate it.

Stay Tuned for more cool stuff here at Blogo Trasho. More reviews, some interviews, some awesome retrospects and of course more Trashy Mexican Trailers to watch over & over & over & over.

There will also be something called "Trash-Mex Ent" coming very, very soon. What's Trash-Mex Ent? You'll see soon. You'll see. It's gonna be amazing and kinda crazy. I just wanna build suspense and bring it all out once everything is 100% ready and perfected.

And now here are the Top 10 Blogo Trasho Movies of 2018 and 3 honorable mentions. The 10 I’ve picked are movies that were definitely in mind a lot after watching them. The 3 honorable mentions are movies that were also in mind a lot after watching them as well. By the way, Roma (2018) isn't on this Top 10 list. Sorry, guys.

10. Muertes Violentas (1990) - 3 wild stories of death by the amazing Miguel Marte. 

9. Resucitare Para Matarlos (1990)- Ruben Galindo Jr’s 90’s Horror schlock. 

8. Infancia Violenta (1993)- Boy becomes wannabe vigilante at night. 

7. Super Mojado (1992)- The Hero LA deserved in the 90's. 

6. La Mujer De Los Dos (1996) - The 2nd Los Temerarios movie with much more intense drama & wild characters. 

5. Muerte en La Playa (1991)- short but sweet, sleazy movie about murder & homosexuality. 

4. Angeles Infernales (1992) - Jorge Reynoso vs. a gang of cross-dressers. An overall good time with a satisfying ending. 

3. Noche De Fieras (1990) - Obscure horror needed to be seen by all. 

2. Yo Te Amo Catalina (1986) - An interesting Mexi-Giallo buried in obscurity. 

This deserved the top spot for sure. It’s one of the most intriguing horror Mexican comedies from the 90’s with an amazing cast and the makeup effects on the ghoulish characters are top-notch. I was entertained all the way. Also, long live Chatanuga and Choforro. 

3 Honorable Mentions:

A bad movie with intriguing fat drunken ninja turtle wannabe fucks. Also, this review got so many views that it's ridiculous but quite hilarious as well. 

Xorge Noble's take on East LA gangs. 

The slasher by Xorge Noble I’ve always wanted. 

I also wanna note that Xorge Noble will forever be remembered by myself and fans of his movies. May he be resting in peace now. Thank you so much, Mr. Noble for the wild & entertaining movies you made. You're an inspiration.
image from Peru21

In 2019, we are going to Save Mexican Cinema. We are going to remember these movies. We are going to watch them & share them to all. No more buried in obscurity & being marginalized.

As that one VHS promo said:

El Cine Mexicano es Entretenimiento, (Mexican Cinema is entertainment)

El Cine Mexicano es Diversión, (Mexican Cinema is fun)

El Cine Mexicano Habla De Tus Raíces, Historia y Cultura. (Mexican Cinema talks about our Roots, History & Culture)

Keep watching Mexican Cinema. Buy them. Love them. Share them. Appreciate them. Appreciate the culture. Appreciate the wonderful actors & filmmakers who worked so hard to tell these stories. The good stories & the unusual stories.

Juntos Salvemos El Cine Mexicano. Together let’s save Mexican Cinema.

And now to end this post here’s Sopa De Caracol. This song will make much more sense next year. Perhaps. Maybe. You'll see.

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