Sunday, November 18, 2018

52 Trashy Mexican Trailers to watch over & over & Brenda Careaga.

At last! Here is a nice big batch of trashy mexican trailers that have been uploaded and I must say this is the most I've done at once. I was gonna originally split them in 2 groups, but I figured a big number would be much appealing & far more fun. This might or might not be the last batch of the year, but we'll see. For now though, enjoy all these damn trailers and the 3 promos. One promo is all about Brenda Careaga! Who's Brenda Careaga? Why how can you not know! She was only the biggest singer and actress ever! I think. Probably not, but she was sure as hell promoted hardcore by Cine Lat Distributors.

Before the trailers, let's hear some wise words regarding El Cine Mexicano.

Fernando Almada, midget clown puppets. The trailer for this classic Mexican horror movie from the 90's has been unearthed!

This one looks really fun. El Hijo Del Santo seems to team up with Chanoc regarding some damn vampires. I really wanna see this one.

I really like this one a lot. It's tons of fun and super sleazy. Has some rather interesting characters as well.

This is a follow-up to Angel De La Muerte. Looks really fun.

This looks really epic. A group of vigilante ladies!

Okay, this is a little different. I do really like this "trailer" though and Capulina has always been for me my favorite Mexican comedic actor from the super old days. I just really adore his hat as well.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched, but the trailer is fun at least.

One of my favorite trailers and one of my favorite Miguel Marte movies. Read my review HERE

I don't really know what to say other than of course it's a horny Alfonso Zayas movie.

I've had the song stuck in my head for a while and the trailer for the movie portrayal just makes it more catchy. Hermano cayo la ley! Esta rodeada tu casa!!!!

Another Hijo Del Santo movie that looks pretty fun.

Was actually lucky to catch this one on TV a while back and it was pretty good. 

Amado Carrillo Fuentes would be proud. Maybe.

This one looks pretty intense for such a low-budget looking movie.

Kind of odd looking but could be fun.

I recently got a copy of this movie and I must say, it looks very promising!

I really like this movie. It's tons of fun and Chatanuga is always a blast to see!

Mouth Watering.

Another horny Alfonso Zayas movie.

Sebastian Ligarde and Brenda Careaga are in love! Eric Del Castillo is against this!

Looks very entertaining and Roxana Chavez looks great as well.

I think I still have 2 copies of this movie and I didn't really get into it the first time I watched it. Maybe the second copy will convince me otherwise.

A review is coming soon for this one. This is a weird one.

Horny young people in Mexico. Not a videohome, but still a trashy ass movie.

This is a really fun movie. Unusual as well.

I have this movie. It's pretty bad. Maybe the first movie is good???

Lina Santos' first movie. Looks so good!

Not trashy per say, but a cult classic cartoon film!

Male stripper drama based on some play. It's an okay one. Review coming soon!

This looks fun as hell. Need to see!

I really need to watch this one already. I have a copy just sitting around gathering dust!

This looks amazing. Choforo what is you doing!!

I really enjoy this one. I really wish I could see part 2.

One of the coolest Mexican horror movies ever. Tatiana is a babe in it as well! AH!

Voodoo and Lobster meals. Read my review HERE

Sergio Goyri keeping the fucked up future a little safe. I really like this one. Review coming soon.

Can't exactly label this trashy considering how serious this movie is. However it is pretty darn brutal and a classic.

Love this teaser. The actual movie is okay.

Classic Miguel Marte movie. Trailer is amazing!

A really fun one actually. Different as well in setting. It's getting cold right now so I'll definitely watch this one again pretty soon and maybe review it.

This looks mildly entertaining.

I remember buying this on DVD at Walmart back in the day expecting something else but definitely it was not what I expected. I like it though.

Fantastic movie with a fantastic cast.

This one looks fun. One of Kate Del Castillo's first movies as well.

This looks very argumentative.

Not a very memorable Rosa Gloria Chagoyan movie, but a definite watch if you're a real fan of hers.

A Christian Gonzalez classic I have yet to see but at least this trailer keeps me going.

One of Jorge Reynoso's best movies. El Numero Uno!

A sequel that looks almost similar to the first movie. Missing Roberto Ballesteros as well.

This one looks really good. I need to see it!

The final Lola La Trailera movie. It lives up to the title.

This looks very good. Cool cast as well.

Well that about does it! Now after all those trashy Mexican trailers,  please go buy some Armagedon Films clothing & hats to get all your friends jealous and show your love for Jesus! 

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