Wednesday, September 12, 2018

7 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over!

So glad to share some more trailers this year! This little set has mostly titles from the late 90's (with a couple early 90's ones), but regardless these are some very interesting-looking movies! They're violent, crazy and just flat out weird & trashy. Hope you enjoy! Now keep in mind, these are from VHS tapes and some of these tapes had glitches and such, so the quality isn't gonna be 4K or anything like that. Still, it adds a nice trashy charm to it. I love it.

One of my all-time favorites. An original upload I had on my old channel. I watched this trailer so many times just like the movie itself. Read my review HERE

A crazy little SOV crime flick. Read my review HERE

I love how the trailer starts off so peaceful then a massacre happens and a portrait of La Virgen De Guadalupe cries. Based on the Chiapas conflict. Loosely based that is.

This is a movie I been wanting to see for a while. The title alone is appealing as hell but does it live up to it? We shall see someday!

The youth of 1999 were some really rotten eggs. Or in this case, cholos.

This might as well just be a music video considering only some footage of the actual movie is in this trailer while the rest is just footage of the theme song being performed.

Was surprised by how good this movie really looks and at the same time remain so intense and even violent. A must see!

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