Tuesday, July 3, 2018

11 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over & OVER.

Here are 11 Trailers that are so amazing you'll be watching them like 20 times in a row. Especially the ones that aren't even long. Some of these movies I've seen, some of them I haven't but want to so badly! Enjoy!

A classic. Read my review HERE

I've seen the first movie, but not this insane looking sequel! So violent and angry. Love it.

Morir Matando looks like one of the greatest Jorge Reynoso movies ever made in the mid-90's. Time travel/sleeping to fight evil men in the west? WOW!

This one looks okay. It looks like it was filmed after or before Traficantes De Michoacan. Seriously!

A classic comedy/parody of everyone's favorite orphaned superhero and his little sidekick. A review will come very soon.

JACK EL VIGILANTE! I love how the narrator says the name of the title. Was lucky to catch this one on TV a few years ago. Pretty decent action flick. 

Couldn't find it on IMDb or anywhere else. Seems very obscure. Looks awesome though regardless! Paty with an uzi! I'm in love!

This one is really good actually. I got a DVD of it for like 50 cents about 2-3 years ago. Really good plot and action!

Jorge Luke & Jorge Reynoso team up in this movie to save their sons from organ traffickers! This one is full of action and a whole lot of badassness. Badassness is a word? Who knew. A review will come soon!

One of my favorites that's in my collection. A very moody, atmospheric Mexi-Giallo with a great cast. A must watch! 

One of Christian Gonzalez's first movies. It looks awesome and sounds awesome. Super rare though! Hopefully I find a copy someday. 

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