Wednesday, June 6, 2018

13 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch over & over & over, etc etc etc (!!!!!)

Here it is, folks. 13 trailers I compiled last night that are trashy, musical, romantic, weird, dumb, funny and fun as hell. I just love every second of these trailers and most of these movies look pretty damn cool, too. Well, not so much one of them. Well, maybe 2 look awful, haha. Either way, enjoy! Share with your friends! Family too!

Now before you watch, please watch this important message from myself and our sponsors.

I'm pretty sure I saw this movie on TV a while back, but I can't recall. Looks so familiar though and so is the music. Looks like a fun time!

Love sucks. This movie looks pretty damn good though and it is directed by Valentin Trujillo!

This looks so good. Agustin Bernal looks great in it, too! He's got that old badass vietnam vet look!

This one is terrible. I reviewed long ago and I'm going to fix it up soon enough. Maybe when I fix up the review I won't dislike the movie as much, but that is doubtful. Very.

Looks good for a late 90's crime/action flick!

This one I had uploaded on my original channel. Here it is again. I still haven't seen this one yet! Looks good!

I like it and I hate it. Luis De Alba is a great superhero. Still a better one than fucking Superman.

Clearly shot on tape then converted to film. Great looking movie. Unsure when this movie was filmed because it looks pretty damn 90's but IMDb says "1986".

A cheesy as hell Horror comedy from Gilberto De Anda. The one with Mario Almada and Bigfoot is amazing. Great trailer!

Looks decent and cheap as hell. Agustin Bernal talks to a baby in the trailer. Cute!

A great looking Miguel Marte movie! Looks so promising!

Agustin Bernal plays a nazi. Jorge Luke fights him and his group. This movie is amazing. A review coming soon.

This one looks fun. Lorena Herrera looks fine as hell in it too.

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