Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch Over & Over: Action! Laughs! Women!

The trailers are back and they're not going anywhere whatsoever. Here's 10 that I been holding off for a while now! I got more to go, but I'll save those for another time. Enjoy!

Apuesta Contra La Muerte (1989)

Seen this on De Pelicula a couple years back. Not bad, but not great. The trailer makes it look great though.

Grupo Tactico Especial (1993)
This movie looks awesome. Need to see!

Pasajero Sin Destino (199-)
Seen this one and its kinda slow. The story is interesting though.

El Angel Guardian Del Barrio (1993)
Sergio Goyri is a brutal guardian angel for a rough neighborhood. Perfect.

Operacion Jaguar (1990)
This one looks a lot of fun and those jungle girls are hot too! Ah!

Los Gatos De Las Azoteas (1988)
Luis De Alba wearing weird shirts and banging attractive women. He's lived a great life.

Los Cuates Del Pirruris (1990)
Luis De Alba wears cheap wigs, weird costumes and caresses Felicia Mercado. What a great life he's lived.

Las Borrachas (1989)
Drunken art at its finest.

El Fiscal Del Hierro 3 (1992)
I only seen the first movie, but man do these sequels look cool! Especially part 3. Epic stuff right here.

Los Verduleros 3 (1992)
This trailer pretty much gives away the ending of the movie. Then again, it was like watching the entire movie but rolled up in a 3 minute clip.

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