Monday, May 26, 2014

I Am The Law.

After being sent away to prison by the town he once ran; Insane criminal Tulio Ramirez (Roberto Flaco Guzman) has escaped with the help of his hot girlfriend (Lorena Herrera) and a one-hand & silent lackie of his (Carlos East). Tulio Ramirez is going back to the town that was once his. Not take it over again though because he has no desire to run it anymore. He just wants to rid of the citizens that were responsible for his incarceration (naturally). Before he heads to the town, he meets up with his old criminal buddies and acquires weaponry & mercenaries for his revenge on the town. When words gets out that Tulio is coming for them, the town citizens fear for their lives and prepare as much as possible to fight him back. Luckily, the town will be getting help from Andres (Jorge Reynoso), a badass former cop who was incarcerated as well, but managed to escaped in order to nab Tulio.

If there's one word to describe Yo Soy La Ley (aka "I Am The Law") that one word would be "epic". Yo Soy La Ley is basically the best Mexican action-crime movie of the 1990's. Epic story, epic characters, epic cast, epic violence, and epic finale. The movie is epic non-stop! Well acted as well. Damian Acosta Esparza went all out with this one. He did his best and succeeded at directing this movie. Next to Damian, Roberto Flaco Guzman also did his best in this movie playing Tulio. Tulio was a mean, crazy guy and quite likable. Flaco obviously got into this role so well. It was truly believable and amazing! Then of course Jorge Reynoso is the 3rd man that made this movie so great. His character Andres stays positive through this ordeal and stays focused on hunting down his old enemy Tulio Ramirez. Once the two face off near the end, it's so satisfying. I love that scene so much. Also can't forget to mention Lorena Herrera. She was the eye candy of the movie. She didn't speak much in the movie, but she really didn't need to because she's just there to look hot. Clearly.

Like I said before, Yo Soy La Ley is the best Mexican action-crime movie of the 1990's. It a 1 hour and 30 minute epic experience. I love it so much and I think you will too. If you're into this genre that is. 10/10.