Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jorge Reynoso is a Bulldog.

Locked up in Prison for killing a criminal during an interrogation, a former cop named "Bulldog" (Jorge Reynoso) is released early to help out a fellow police officer (Hugo Stiglitz) capture an evil crime boss (Guillermo Quintanilla) who just killed his entire family and poured acid on his eye. Once Bulldog is out, he searches high & low for leads to the crime boss. He has to kick some asses and shoot some people to get the information he needs.

I enjoyed Bulldog quite a lot. All the characters are interesting, has a great cast of course, and overall the plot was good. The action was of course swell. Nothing over the top, but still satisfying. I also was weirdly amused with scenes of Jorge Reynoso walking around chewing gum and smoking a cigarette. Then after, we gets scenes of him shaving, talking about the Chivas with his barber, then getting an ice cream sundae. As random as these scenes sound, they do actually make sense since Bulldog is being followed by a couple of cops who want to help him. Still, just watching Jorge Reynoso doing regular stuff just makes me weirdly laugh. Is that wrong?

Next to the ice cream sundaes and soccer talk; another memorable part of the movie is when Bulldog enters a sleazy strip joint in search of a dancer that has information for him. When he finds her, we watch her dance erotically (duh) while wearing the weirdest thong ever. The front part has a rabbit on it. Like a stuffed rabbit head. Ears & all. It is the weirdest thing honestly but intriguing at the same time. Intriguing only because its something I've never seen before, not because it was appealing to me (errr). There's also a clown assassin in the movie. What is it with Mexicans and clown assassins at birthday parties? Is this some sort of Mexican tradition in crime? Whatever it is, I like it.

Bulldog is a simple and fun crime/action flick. Jorge Reynoso is of course badass in it, so if you're a fan of him, then don't miss this movie. Definitely give it a watch. You might even get aroused by the bunny thong as well. I know I did. Not really though, I'm just joking (sorta, maybe)5/10.